Emily Caple

Current Employer: MSA Environmental Ltd

Current Job Title: Environmental Scientist

Current Location: Trowbridge, Wiltshire

"The University of Plymouth had a really great campus feel. I had been to numerous open days at other universities in large cities and the campuses felt cramped and hectic. Despite the University of Plymouth campus being at the heart of the city centre in Plymouth, it manages to feel very open and inviting. It is also prime location being so close to the sea."

Plymouth Hoe

"All academic staff were really supportive throughout my three years at the University of Plymouth. For the first two years you had a designated mentor to help guide you. In the third year your dissertation project supervisor takes over."

"The aspect of my study I found most inspiring was actively going and visiting sites of geological interest and putting into practice the skills and knowledge we had learnt in lectures and practical’s."

<p>Careers Service Desk</p>

"The careers and employability service really helped me to get where I am today. They offered numerous sessions aimed at topics such as helping you to find opportunities for employment after graduation, how to create a professional profile on LinkedIn, and how to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. One to one support was also available with a dedicated Earth Sciences representative."

"I started my final year not quite sure on what career I wanted to do after I graduated. Although I loved my course and chose it as it was a subject which I found interesting and wanted to develop my knowledge in, none of the career options that were introduced to us as part of our degree seemed to fit. At this stage I started to investigate alternative career options that were not purely geoscience based, with the help of the careers and employability service sessions for environmental and geographical sciences. Here I realised that I was passionate about environmental roles, and I applied to numerous positions within this sector."

"My degree, and in particular the personal development aspects helped me to keep to schedules and deadlines and develop my organisational skills, something which helped me to get my job and an important every-day aspect in my role."

"I would recommend undertaking a course with the University of Plymouth because of the home from home feel and dedicated staff who actively encourage you to achieve the best of your abilities."

"Since completing my studies, I have been working for MSA Environmental Limited. MSA Environmental Ltd are a leading environmental and engineering consultancy specialising in the design and troubleshooting of wastewater treatment and water reuse systems for the food, drinks and dairy industries. I was taken on in July 2019 as a Graduate Environmental Scientist and have since progressed to the role of Environmental Scientist."

"As part of my role I get to travel to a variety of different food and drink production facilities. So far, I have been to numerous sites in England, Scotland and even Northern Ireland, somewhere which I hadn’t got the opportunity to visit before."

<p>Emily Caple graduation</p>