Rory Flynn

Junior Geospatial Information Specialist

<p>Plymouth hoe</p>

Current Employer: The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

Current Job Title: Junior Geospatial Information Specialist

Current Location: Taunton

"The main reason for me choosing Plymouth was the courses it offered as well as the location being close enough but also far away enough from home! Also, being by the sea is nice."

"My mentor was the key to my success with my final dissertation. He was incredibly helpful and gave me the exact guidance I needed to achieve a first-class grade paper."

"I felt most inspired by the GIS topics as they lead me down the career path I've chosen."

"Before Plymouth I had little interest/ knowledge of GIS and computing with geography. Discovering the GIS module whilst studying at Plymouth set me up to learn many new skills and made me know what career path I wanted for the first time."

"The library services and Plymouth's large collection of digital and physical papers and books enabled me to complete my assessments with good results."


"I never thought I'd have to do a presentation whilst at a job interview, but I did! My many presentations conducted during my studies helped to prepare me for this greatly."

<p>Glacier walking, Iceland</p>

"Visiting Reykjavik, the glaciers, waterfalls, geysers and other features of Iceland are some of my favourite memories of my degree"

"The city of Plymouth is a wonderful place to live. The barbican and hoe are Plymouth's best features and are perfect escapes from the computer and coursework, especially in the summer. The university itself is well equipped and well resourced to provide all the support and help students need to complete their studies."

"After graduating from Plymouth, I went on to do a GIS master's degree at Manchester University. After that, I moved to Bath and got a job with Wessex Water as a 'Divisional Scheduler', which didn't really use my degree but having my degrees helped get the job. Then I decided I wanted a job in my field of study, so I applied for a GIS contractor job in Taunton working for The Hydrographic Office on behalf of a company called IIC Technologies. Finally, I applied for an internal junior role at the UKHO which is where I am now."

<p>Rory Flynn<br></p>