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Illustration by
After learning the fundamentals that apply across illustrative practice in Year 1, you can choose in Years 2 and 3 to keep a broad area of study or concentrate on a particular area of interest, such as:
Animation and the screen
Illustrators have an important role in animation and live action pre-production and production processes, working on concept design, character and background design, storyboarding, keyframing and the creation of animatics (moving storyboards set to sound) as well as animating and directing.
Children's markets
One of the most exciting areas for contemporary illustration. Not only for picture books, but also character design and related merchandise, printed and online learning materials, stationery, toys, games, interactive media, clothing, interior furnishings and more, all aimed towards a child audience.
Comics and visual narratives
Comics have branched out from the superhero confines, becoming a much broader creative medium with both mainstream appeal and critical acceptance. With this option you learn to master the art of the panelled narrative – either on the printed page or in digital realms
This technique- and production-led option allows you to explore a range of processes including woodcut, silkscreen, etching/mezzotint, drypoint, lithography, risograph and collagraph. Doing so allows you to find different ways to communicate concepts that connect to contemporary illustration practice.

Explore our range of workshops

  • Two large printmaking rooms for etching, linocut, woodblock and silkscreen 
  • Ceramics rooms 
  • Wood workshops 
  • Digital fabrication labs (laser cut, 3D scanning and printing) 
  • Immersive media lab (VR/AR) 
  • Green screen studio 
  • Photographic darkrooms and studios
  • Sound booths 
  • Apple Mac suites
  • Digital library of kit for you to explore.