Mr Dean Owens

Mr Dean Owens

Lecturer - Illustration with Drawing

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Mr Dean Owens can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Drawing
  • Drawing for illustration
  • History of drawing


Lecturer - Illustration with Drawing

Admissions Tutor

Module leader


Dean Glyndwr Owens was born in1978 in Wordsley. He started his career studying Art & Design under the tutelage of Mukesh Kumar at DudleyCollege, before going on to complete a BA in Fine Art at DerbyUniversity and an MA in Illustration at University College Falmouth. He lives and works on Dartmoor and teaches at Plymouth University. He has exhibited in the Midlands and Cornwall. Between 2000 and 2006 Dean worked as an Art Director on the uncanny short films of Mark Simon Hewis. While at UCF Dean co-founded the art research journal, Post, and has since set up a small publishing house: Red Beak Press. Dean currently runs Plymouth Press Club a staff and student partnership that publishes zines, books and prints.

PGCAP - 2011 Plymouth University.

Professional membership

Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellow Association of Illustrators (AOI)



Research interests

  • Drawing (Practice)
  • Drawing (HIstories and Theories)
  • Small Press Publishing (illustrated books) 

Other research

A Line That Cuts 2015 Owens

Catalogue article about the drawing of Ivan Chermayeff, made as part of Ivan Cut a retrospective exhibition of work by renowned Graphic Designer Ivan Chermayeff, at the Peninsula Arts Gallery, Plymouth.

Pedagogy of Pressure (POP) 2015 Barwick and Owens

Pedagogic research on the value of pressure in arts based HE teaching

Paper presentation: VC's T&L conference 2015, Plymouth University

Drawing Research Network 2012 (DRN) conference Owens and Stillwell

Paper presentation; The Draw of Technology, Sept 2012, Loughborough

VC's T&L Conference 2012, Plymouth University

Poster presentation: Investigation into use of iPads for drawing practice and reflection with TEL (Rob Stillwell)

Project Lead: Dean Owens

Plymouth University Teaching Fellowship Award 2011 

Investigation into use of iPads for drawing practice and reflection with TEL (Rob Stillwell)

Project Lead: Dean Owens

VC's Community Research Award - 2012 Ford Park Cemetery Trust

Cross discipline research into the visual and written history of Plymouth - Project lead Richard Huzzey

IDAT - Human Geography 2012

Joint Research into the uses of data harvested from the human body

Role: consultant - Publication Design

Project lead: Dr Mike Phillips

Creative practice & artistic projects

Selected Exhibitions
Message, University of Plymouth 
Staff work in progress

Vessels,KHF, Cornwall
Solo Exhibition of Paintings made as part of 'Embark' 

Group Exhibition during international forum for contemporary illustration and graphic arts.


Post the journal for Arts Culture and Research'  The Poly, Falmouth 
Exhibition and Launch of POST magazine (Editor)

MA Illustration Show, Woodlane , Falmouth 
Final Exhibition of MA work



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted


Owens D. TEARS. Varoom, (P 9, 10), AOI (2010)

Owens D (2010) 'TEARS' Varoom (14) 8-9 Publisher Site
Owens D (2008) 'The Point of Tears (or Lacrimae Rerum)' POST journal (4th) 34-35

Owens D. A Book Made of Tears, Atlantic Press (2009)

Owens D (2009) A Book Made of Tears. Atlantic Press Author Site Publisher Site
Periplum branding. Publisher Site
Vessel. King Harry Ferry 01/08/200910