BA (Hons) Illustration – portfolio advice

Your portfolio should contain work which you are proud of and feel able to talk about. It will consist of your current course work, but may also contain imagery that you have done simply because you wanted to. The important thing is that you evidence your creative thinking.

Large and / or 3D objects can be photographed.

Sketchbooks and workbooks are vitally important so bring these please.

You don’t have to bring everything, but your portfolio will probably contain around 20 items (don’t leave things out that you want to show and don’t put anything in simply to pad out the portfolio).

We're looking for:

  • enthusiasm
  • potential
  • creativity
  • your ability to develop ideas
  • your drawing ability
  • practical skills
  • research skills
  • visual communication skills
  • something that shows a real interest in illustration.

Portfolio presentation tips

Prepare yourself – this will be a friendly one-to-one opportunity to demonstrate your creativity.

We will ask you questions about your work and why you want to study illustration at the University of Plymouth. The whole event will last for about 25–30 minutes.

Getting here

Arrive early and make sure that you know where you’re going; there's nothing worse than arriving late, stressed and flustered.