Ajen Limbu, MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering high quality

Current Role: Structural Dynamics Engineer

Current Employer: Ministry of Defence

"The civil engineering staff members were always welcoming and helpful when my peer group and I had difficulties with our academic work. To me, this emphasised that the lecturers really wanted to invest and build our potential for industry and postgraduate studies. This support was very motivating and essential in building my professional and technical foundation."

"After leaving university, I started my career as an Associate Project Manager with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, an executive agency of the Ministry of Defence. I provided project management support and established fundamental experience in how projects are planned, controlled and delivered to the customer’s requirements.

"After a year, I transitioned into my current technical role as a Structural Dynamics Engineer. Within this role, I utilise hydrocode software to develop modelling solutions to numerically analyse and identify the effects of dynamic loadings on structures and materials.

"The best and most exciting milestone in my career has been starting my role in the structural dynamics and numerical modelling field. I am able to apply my technical knowledge and utilise a variety of engineering skills, as well as work on exciting projects that involve energetic events."
"Additionally, I recognise the importance and the requirement of my field to assist in the mitigation of explosive devices and the protection of UK infrastructure and civilians. The combination of knowledge development and worldly application of my work provides me with a great deal of job satisfaction.

"Currently, I am part of a Suitably Qualified Experienced Personnel (SQEP) development programme. Within this programme, there are potential development opportunities to travel around the world and learn from experts within the sphere of blast phenomena, structural response to blasts and numerical modelling."

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