Le Navet Bete: Five friends with the stage to entertain

Discover how a group of theatre and performance alumni from Plymouth have created their own successful theatre company

Le Navet Bete publicity shot
Le Navet Bete publicity shot
Le Navet Bete publicity shot
Le Navet Bete are a touring physical comedy theatre company based in Exeter. They are five friends, co-directors and co-conspirators, whose mission is to create and tour hilarious, physical and totally accessible comedy theatre using creative and engaging storytelling.
Find out more about them by watching our video, filmed when the company returned to Plymouth to perform their show, 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens at the Plymouth Athenaeum theatre.
Le Navet Bete talk about how they met at Plymouth and the grounding they received on the theatre and performance course, the genesis of finding their company and the challenges of succeeding, touring the world and always being brave enough to ask questions.
Le Navet Bete are Al Dunn, Matt Freeman, Alex White, Nick Bunt and Dan Bianchi | Follow | www.lenavetbete.com

“Taking something that we have created and we have written and we’ve shaped ourselves and to be able to bring that to different cultures, is a really exciting part of our work.”

Theatre and performance students on the stage

Follow in Le Navet Bete's footsteps at Plymouth

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