Abigail Jackson MRes Dance graduate and MPhil/PhD student

Since graduating I have worked part-time as a dance teacher, alongside studying full time for a PhD in the transtechnology department. My research interests are in facilitating expressive movement sessions in the development of a creative intervention for autistic children, with digital mediation embedded in its investigation.

My career is exciting every time I am able to be in a studio with an autistic child facilitating a movement session. It was also exciting to find out I was successful in my funding application to The 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training, this felt like a huge achievement for me.

The teaching staff at the University of Plymouth helped me find confidence in my own research and in turn put myself forward for more opportunities. I was constantly encouraged and as a result, my research has continued from undergraduate, to MRes and finally to gaining a three year funded studentship to continue my project at MPhil/PhD.

I have had the chance to experience this university at many different levels, and having grown up in these surroundings, and still cannot fault the university at any step of the way. My career aspirations are based on the individual advice, and time, I received from the teaching staff.