Hannah Hawkey, PGCE Dance graduate

This is Hannah's story

Since graduating from MA Performance Practice in 2010 at Plymouth, Hannah Hawkey has seen her dance-fitness business RockFit UK take off, inspiring many to join her classes which combines heavy hits from AC/DC to System of a Down – and a rocking good time.

Discover Hannah's journey from secondary school teacher to RockFit entrepreneur and find out how her time at Plymouth helped give her the confidence and platform to perfect the business behind the routines.

Launching RockFit

“After I completed my PGCE in secondary dance in 2013, I worked as a secondary school dance teacher. In 2015, I decided to leave teaching to start my own fitness company – RockFit UK.

"Our classes are a combination of dance fitness, body sculpting and rock and metal music. The classes have taken off massively across the country and I now have requests for classes pouring in from across the world!

"I was delighted to be the winner of the best fitness instructor in Plymouth category by the Move Awards in 2016."

“There have been so many exciting and fun experiences since launching RockFit. One of the best this past year was running a taster session in Bristol, which the local press covered, resulting in three BBC Radio interviews in three days and a viral video with over 650k views."

Hannah Hawkey
RockFit combines alternative music with dance and fitness
Hannah Hawkey
Are you ready to rock with Hannah?
RockFit class
Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, ages, abilities and genders
Press coverage
RockFit has featured heavily in the press and demand is growing

Studying at Plymouth

“After completing my first degree in BA Hons Choreography at Dartington College of Arts, I was elated to learn that I could continue my studies at Plymouth – for me, this was hugely significant, both as a practitioner and businesswoman. I made a lot of local and international connections and the course content shaped my practice to be much more reflexive and more creative.

“The course gave me the courage to be authentic – to me that’s important. It focused me in on what I’m passionate about. Who I am and what I can offer to the world. The confidence and knowledge I gained during my MA gave me such a solid foundation to build on. 

“As someone who often stands on stage for a living, talking to thousands of people at a time, I know that preparation, professionalism and creativity are key. The course taught me to do my research, think outside the box and to be comfortable in my own skin. It also taught me the importance of perseverance – if you can read a Judith Butler (American philosopher and gender theorist) text you can do anything!

“I enjoyed my time at Plymouth and the skills, techniques and practices I learned during my MA still shape me now. You’re fully supported while being given the confidence to challenge preconceptions and expand your practice. The course mentors are all experts in their fields and give you the space and input to really push your own boundaries.

“I have so many good memories of the course – there’s never a dull moment in performance. Whether it was the fantastic fitness sessions, lying in a gigantic gold sarcophagus, or having a performance picnic on the floor outside Primark. Although I would recommend to not leave things until the last minute, and do plenty of research, do plenty of exercise and ask for help when you need it.

“After graduating, I now have the passion, skill and experience to go straight for what I loved doing. I recommend you find your niche and just go for it! It takes a lot of courage to truly follow your passions and not to be bound by what you, or others, think you should be doing."

A RockFit flash mob in Plymouth city centre

A RockFit flash mob in Plymouth city centre