Technology to assist with inclusive practice

Using technology

Make all course materials available electronically, where appropriate, which will allow students to modify into alternative formats that may be more suitable for their needs.
Ensure your handouts and notes (or a summary) are made available online 48 hours before the class to give students the time to process the information and to prepare.
Content capture is a phrase used to describe the creation of video or audio teaching resources. Panopto is a video sharing system that allows academic staff to capture content in a simple and reliable way, using either an automated system or a manual recorder held on the academic’s laptop or desktop PC. 
  • Previously recording lectures would involve filming the screen and presenter with a camcorder which is time-consuming and requires special equipment and often resulted in poor quality videos. 
  • Users are increasingly demanding that videos and audio are available on electronic mediums. Content capture technology allows the simultaneous recording of audio, video, PowerPoint and screen capture, and allows that content to be viewed on the web, and mobile devices.
  • Content capture enhances instructional activities; it works especially well in subject areas where students benefit from repeated viewing of content, especially when complex items are being discussed.
The University of York advice for students recording lectures offers valuable information and resources.
Lecture capture Student View (University of Leeds podcast).
Lecture capture Staff View (University of Leeds podcast).
For more information, tips and advice on inclusivity in teaching and learning, check our page on interactive teaching, building relationships, improving communication and more. 
Charles Seale-Hayne Library offers a variety of services to assist you if you have a disability. We can offer advice on physical access to the library, books in alternate formats, and special equipment, software and technology to help you in the library. 
To discuss your needs and receive help with accessing the library resources, email the Information Specialists at to book an appointment.
If you have any questions about any of our services please contact us:

University of Plymouth Software Licences

(available to download from the University of Plymouth Software Centre on a networked computer on campus) 
What is it? Screen reader software
How can it help me?
  • hear web pages and documents read aloud to improve your comprehension with a choice of natural voices
  • understand unfamiliar words with text and picture dictionaries
  • change the background, styles and fonts of documents.
What is it? Mind mapping software
How can it help me?
  • plan and structure your essays in a visual format, easily adding links to your sources
  • export your plans into Microsoft Word as a linear outline or onto predesigned PowerPoint templates
  • export your mind map as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Outlook task lists and Microsoft Project to create, refine and manage project plans
  • use the timeline facility to organise projects/essays.
What is it? Notetaking software
How can it help me?
  • capture information during lectures
  • colour highlight your key information as you listen, so you can find it again easily
  • import your presentation slides, so you can organise your audio and text alongside each other.