A member of the University of the Third Age mentoring a University of Plymouth student.

Feed-in, feed forward and feedback are vital elements of all assessment. It is essential students fully understand the assessment requirements and this is conducted through a process of ‘feed-in’. 

Feed forward provides students with helpful and prompt verbal feedback; it enables students to develop in confidence, and crucially help them progress their work whilst the assessment is still live. Feed forward also helps staff to highlight problems such as plagiarism and student under performance earlier. 

Students value feedback when it is informative, timely and prompt - they need to reflect on the feedback from all assessments (including exams) to improve their performance.

The University requires staff to provide students with feedback on all assessment including exams. In addition as a minimum, grades should be available for all time-controlled assessments (including examinations and in-class tests). 

The University of Plymouth has a 20 working day turnaround time for feedback and marks on all assessments.


We know that constructive, timely feedback is essential to learning. 

  • What key tips do you have for those new to giving inclusive feedback?
  • What activities can ensure that students reflect and act on the feedback for their next assignment?

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