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Ensuring a high-quality learning experience for every student is a key part of the work of every staff member at the University of Plymouth. That is why we provide resources and strategies to support you to achieve excellence in your teaching and as a result, increase student success.

Peer review sees colleagues review and offer feedback on aspects of an individual’s teaching practice. It's used in many universities, including ours, to enhance and promote high-quality teaching.

Access our latest procedure supporting the peer review process here, as well as templates to help you plan and review a range of teaching sessions. 

A school-level approach to peer review can be taken by using the Peer Review for Collaboration and Curriculum Enhancement approach (PRCE).

You'll find advice on:

  • preparation
  • undertaking the review
  • providing helpful feedback
  • timelines
  • using the feedback to enhance your teaching.

To address the need for online module Peer Review of activities undertaken on the DLE an additional review process (form 3) has been developed utilising feedback principles defined by Chickering and Gamson (1987), is based on online review process developed by Taylor (2010) and meets the requirements for the University of Plymouth's Peer Review process.

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Taylor A.H., (2010), A Peer Review Guide for Online Courses at Penn State, Last accessed 24/10/14