National Teaching Fellowships

We are proud to announce that Professor Hilary Neve of Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry and Associate Professor Jennie Winter of Educational Development and PedRIO have been awarded a 2016 National Teaching Fellowship

National Teaching Fellowship Scheme

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) is co-ordinated by the Higher Education Academy (HEA), raising the profile of learning and teaching in universities in the UK. It recognises and celebrates individuals who make an outstanding impact on the student learning experience, providing the means to develop a proactive community of National Teaching Fellows. Awards are made in recognition of nominees' individual excellence and outstanding impact on student learning; their contribution to raising the profile of excellence in teaching and learning through their work with colleagues and the wider academic community; as well as their commitment to their own professional development.


The HEA organises and runs the national scheme which is funded by the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE), the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW), and the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland (DELNI). At Plymouth University we select a maximum of three nominees every year for this award.


Higher Education (HE) Institutions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are eligible for the Scheme. Further Education (FE) institutions which have 100 or more full-time equivalent students on HE programmes directly funded by HEFCE, or HEFCW are also eligible. For further information, visit The Higher Education Academy NFTS resources. Eligible institutions are invited to nominate up to three individual members of staff who clearly demonstrate excellence in teaching and/or supporting the HE learning experience of students. Success depends only on excellence, therefore, academic and professional support staff are eligible at any point in their career - as long as they clearly contribute to the enhancement of the student learning experience.

Internal application process

Each academic year we invite colleagues to come forward; this usually happens towards the end of the calendar year but we do continue our efforts throughout the year to identify suitable candidates. We meet with colleagues informally, and we run NTFS workshops where the details of the scheme are discussed, questions are answered, suitability and course of action are determined. If you can identify a colleague who may be suitable or you wish to be considered yourself, please contact We will make contact to organise a meeting. Applicants develop their core documents gradually with the help of a writing mentor who provides advice and support. The main piece to be written, a 3,500 word claim, is also reviewed by internal and external reviewers against the HEA selection criteria and feedback is provided. We cannot guarantee that every colleague who works on an application will be chosen as one of our nominees. An internal selection panel will decide who goes forward based on their assessment of the submitted applications against the NTFS selection criteria. 

Further information on the NTFS.

For any further questions, please email

National Teaching Fellows at Plymouth University (PU)

  • 2016: Professor Hilary Neve, Jennie Winter
  • 2015: Professor Debby Cotton
  • 2014: Professor Stephen Sterling
  • 2013: Adam Benjamin, Neil Witt
  • 2012: Suanne Gibson, Paul Hewson
  • 2010: Simon Belt, Paul Bradley*
  • 2009: Karen Gresty
  • 2008: Avril Butler (now Bellinger)*, Chris Ricketts*
  • 2006: Helen King*
  • 2005: John Hilsdon
  • 2004: Paul Murray, Judith Waterfield*, Priska Schoenborn
  • 2003: John McLachlan*
  • 2002: Brian Chalkley*, Pauline Kneale**
  • 2001: Lesley Jarvis*
  • 2000: Susan Lea*

*no longer in PU employment 
**at different HEI at time of award

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme

The Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme provides funds to undertake pedagogic research related to learning and teaching in Higher Education.