Dr Jennie Winter

Year of NTFS award: 2016

Institution at time of NTFS award: University of Plymouth

I am an Associate Professor in Higher Education Pedagogy at the University of Plymouth and Plymouth Marjon Universities. I am an NTF and Principal Fellow of Advance HE. I am interested in a range of academic development themes including student voice, education for sustainable development and evidencing the impact of educational development.

Professor Hilary Neve, Dr Jennie Winter and Dr Cathy Coelho
Professor Hilary Neve, Dr Jennie Winter and Dr Cathy Coelho

My NTF focused on the interplay and synergies afforded by bringing together education for sustainable development and student engagement. This fusion brings about authentic, real world education which questions values, challenges the status quo and helps student consider and build alternative futures.

I am currently involved in several strategic pedagogic projects. I have developed an instrument to evaluate student academic representation systems which has been supported by the NUS and is currently being piloted at 17 Student Unions across the UK. I am involved in the decolonisation agenda and exploring how this works across different institutional settings, and I am involved in ongoing work exploring students’ energy literacy in international contexts.

My pedagogic expertise: 

  • evaluation
  • decolonisation
  • higher education pedagogy.