Dr Catherine Coelho

Year of NTFS award: 2020

Institution at time of NTFS award: University of Plymouth

I started in academia in 2007 at the University of Plymouth Peninsula Dental School as a small group facilitator and clinical supervisor. I so enjoyed teaching the students, I obtained a masters in Clinical Education, and became a full-time academic in 2012. I am the Faculty of Health’s Associate Dean for Health and Conduct and Clinical Lead for the Simulated Dental Learning Environment, the University’s cutting-edge simulation training facility for dentists and dental therapists and I am the Year 5 Dentistry Programme Lead. I chair the Faculty of Health’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and am passionate about valuing diversity.

Cathy Coelho

I am very proud of the impact I have had on students who are struggling to be successful, by designing and implementing an academic remediation process. Students who engage in this process show short-term improvements (average 12.5%) and more importantly longitudinal improvements in their outcomes. Advance HE highlighted in particular my work in this area for struggling students, which has consistently led to improved outcomes.  

My sustained track record of being an outstanding educator and leader has been recognised nationally by being the team leader for an Advance HE Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence and being awarded an Excellence in Dental Education Early Educator Award by the Association for Dental Education in Europe.

I make an excellent contribution to colleagues’ professional development by disseminating research and hosting events that have enhanced student learning through equipping teachers/facilitators to understand pedagogy, learning theories and up skill their practice through bringing these concepts into the reality of the learning space. 

I promote inclusivity and valuing diversity and am proud of my impact in the medical education literature.

I am currently involved in a project exploring how and why academic remediation makes a difference, both in the short term and longitudinally.

I am working on evaluating the long-term impact of an educational teaching and learning pedagogy that enhances capability, prepares for practice, brings about lifelong learning and equips for employability.

My pedagogic expertise: 

  • clinical education
  • academic remediation
  • enquiry based learning (EBL).

Professor Hilary Neve, Dr Jennie Winter and Dr Cathy Coelho

Professor Hilary Neve, Dr Jennie Winter and Dr Cathy Coelho