Advice on debt and fees payable by students withdrawing or interrupting their studies

If you’re having money worries, we offer plenty of funding opportunities to ease the pressure on your finances during your studies – visit our funding pages to find out if you’re eligible and how to apply.

For tips on day-to-day budgeting, managing your money and financial advice from our Student Funding Unit, go to our support and advice pages.

If you fail to pay your tuition fees and other student debts

The University will apply sanctions against you if you fail to pay your tuition fee and other debts in line with required payment terms. These sanctions are detailed in the student debt policy – see download above.

Fees payable by you if you withdraw from or interrupt your studies

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students

If you wish to withdraw from your programme, we recommend discussing this with your Programme Leader first to make sure this is the best course of action for you – sometimes just talking an issue or problem through can help to clarify what you need or want to do. If you still wish to withdraw, you must complete the form found at withdrawing from or suspending study. Read the Withdrawal and Interrupt Tuition Fee Charging Policy (see download above), and post or take this form in person to your Faculty Office. Please note, if you wish to email this form we'll only accept it if sent from your University of Plymouth student email account as proof of signature. If this form is not completed, your tuition fee liability may increase. 

Research degree students

If you wish to interrupt to withdraw from your research degree, we recommend discussing this with your school PGR Coordinator. Having discussed this, please follow the appropriate process via Gradbook or contact the Doctoral College directly You should read the PGR Fee Amendment Policy so that you understand any potential fee liabilities.