For any queries regarding admissions or enrolments, please contact the Professional Development Unit Admissions team
Visit: Professional Development Unit, Level 4 Rolle Building, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA, United Kingdom
Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:30–17:00
Friday 8:30–16:30.
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IT registration and Moodle instructions 

Instructions on how to set up your University IT account and how to access Moodle which contains all your learning resources and information about the programme or module. 
If this is your first module or if you have not studied for some time with the University, you can access all the module resources on Moodle, the Digital Learning Environment (DLE). 
You will need your student reference number, which you can find at the top of your confirmation letter/email and your date of birth. 

Student card 

If you have not studied with the University of Plymouth before you will need to apply for a student card. Please read our full instructions on how to access the online portal. 
If you have studied with us previously then your existing card should automatically be re-activated. If you no longer have your previous card there are details via this link of how to apply for a replacement card.
A student card is required for the following purposes:
  • access to library facilities including borrowing, printing and photocopying
  • entrance to University buildings/rooms as appropriate (additional areas must be authorised)
  • proof of eligibility for joining our recreation services.
  • hand in coursework
  • register attendance 
  • proof of ID for exams
  • hire necessary equipment from your faculty.
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Change of name 

If you have enrolled on a course with us previously and have since changed your name you will need to complete a change of name form if you would like us to change the name on your student record.
You must provide corroborative evidence as well as the completed form. This will include one of the following:
  • Passport or driving licence in the new name.
  • Marriage Certificate.
  • Decree Absolute or Decree Nisi papers (if reverting to maiden name, a copy of the birth certificate, a signed declaration from you to say that you have reverted to your maiden name for all purposes, plus a copy of an official document such as a bank statement in new name).
  • Deed poll or statutory declaration.
Please note that any award document must show your official legal name at the date of award.

Paying your fees 

Everything you will need to know about paying your fees. 
Links to online payment portals, advice on sponsorship, tuition fee loans and debts: 
  • How to make a payment. 
  • Advice for students receiving sponsorship or student loans. 
  • Advice for students studying professional development modules. 
  • Advice for students withdrawing or interrupting their studies. 
Visit our fees page for full details.