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Key features

This 20 credit masters-level module will provide you with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of maternal critical care in the Obstetric Unit setting, as well as building on your existing assessment skills.

The module encompasses a comprehensive examination of all aspects of maternal critical care and the decision-making process leading to the care given.

You will also examine the key components of safe care provision around multi-professional team working and evidence-based practice.

Module code




FHEQ level

Level 7 – masters degree


Face-to-face delivery in Plymouth

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Course details

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • possess an in-depth knowledge of the pathophysiology and clinical presentation of the critically ill patient
  • demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in the detection of clinical deterioration and care escalation, critically analysing the reasons for failure to rescue
  • demonstrate a systematic, evidence-based approach to the clinical assessment and management required by the critically ill woman and, act with initiative in decision making
  • incorporate a critical ethical, legal and professional dimension to your clinical practice.
The assessment for this module is a written case study. 
Submission date: 23 May 2024. 
(Please note that these assessment details are provisional – if you require further information please contact the module lead or the Professional Development Unit).

Module dates

24, 31 January, 7, 21 February and 6, 13, 20 March 2024. 
Please contact the Professional Development Unit admissions team for more information. 
This module can be studied as a standalone module or as an optional module towards some MSc Advanced Professional Practice pathways – please contact the Professional Development Unit for further information.

Admissions information 

Additional information and documentation required for the application process.
  • Application forms. 
  • Change of name forms.
  • Pre-course information.
  • Downloadable guides.
  • Student card.
Admissions information Additional information and documentation required for the application process.Access to application forms, download guides and confirmation information. Visit our admissions homepage.

Entry requirements

To undertake this module as part of a professional development pathway you must be:
  • A registered health practitioner working in an area of clinical practice that will allow you to meet the module learning outcomes, for example midwives and nurses working in obstetric units.
  • Ideally in possession of previous study at degree level.
Individuals without a degree may be eligible to apply providing they have appropriate practice-related experience relevant to the programme, please discuss with the Professional Development Unit prior to application.

Fees and funding

Please see the Faculty of Health professional development module fees.

Funding for this module may be available through your employing trust. Please contact your trust’s Educational Co-ordinator in the first instance. If you work in the private, independent or voluntary sector, please contact your employer who will advise you accordingly.

Module lead 

The module lead for this module is Alison James
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You can contact the Professional Development Unit with any queries

Prospective student enquiries:
Current student enquiries:
Professional Development Unit, Level 4 Rolle Building, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA, United Kingdom.
Monday – Thursday 8:30–17:00 and Friday 8:30–16:30.