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Key features

This 20 credit degree-level module will develop your professional practice with regard to history taking, clinical examination, diagnostics, decision making and clinical management planning in critical care.

Over the course of this module you will enhance your existing professional practice skills and will demonstrate your ability to receive and document a history guided by the theoretical and practical frameworks related to critical care and undertake a systematic and detailed clinical examination. You will also demonstrate your clinical problem solving and/or reasoning skills supported by contemporary evidence, using this to justify clinical management plans for commonly presenting critical illness.

Module code




FHEQ level

Level 6 - bachelors degree


Blended learning approach with face to face delivery in Plymouth

Developing professional practice in critical care hero image

Course details

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • demonstrate systematic understanding of the knowledge base (theory and practice) underpinning history taking and clinical examination in critical care
  • critically analyse findings from a comprehensive health assessment, defining complex problems
  • identify and select appropriate diagnostic and investigative techniques evaluating the significance of findings
  • synthesise and evaluate patient information and, with reference to contemporary evidence, justify a clinical management plan.
Module dates
29, 30 January, 26, 27 February, 25, 26 March and 23, 23 April 2024. 

(Occasionally delivery dates might be subject to change – always check with the module lead or Professional Development Unit).


The assessment for this module is an expanded case study in which you will explore a patient presentation related to critical care/critical illness, supported by contemporary evidence (including research).
(Please note that these assessment details are provisional – if you require further information please contact the module lead or the Professional Development Unit).
This module can be studied as a standalone module or as a core module for the BSc (Hons) Critical Care (Intercalated) and BSc (Hons) Critical Care courses.

Admissions information 

Additional information and documentation required for the application process.
  • Application forms. 
  • Change of name forms.
  • Pre-course information.
  • Downloadable guides.
  • Student card.
Admissions information Additional information and documentation required for the application process.Access to application forms, download guides and confirmation information. Visit our admissions homepage.

Entry requirements

Students wishing to undertake this module as part of a professional development pathway must be: 
  • on a professional register (i.e. NMC, HCPC) and
  • practicing within critical care to have the practice experience required to achieve the learning outcomes.
Each student will be considered and advised individually (where required) by the programme team and Professional Development Unit. Please contact the PDU or programme lead if you have any queries regarding your situation.

Medical students who are looking to intercalate should also contact the PDU for information on the specific entry requirements for the Critical Care (Intercalated) course.

Fees and funding

Fee information can be found on the Faculty of Health professional development module fees page.
Funding for this module may be available through your employing trust. To apply please contact your Trust’s Educational Co-ordinator who will guide you through the application process.

If you work in the private, independent and voluntary sector, please contact your employer who will advise you.

Funding for intercalated students
As this is a core module in the full-time intercalated degrees please contact the Professional Development Unit for further information about funding.