Social work

Key features

This 20 credit masters-level module will enable you to critically examine the broad range of policy and legal frameworks that underpin practice in safeguarding adults and consider the application of legislation supporting professional practice using the Care Act 2014 and law pertaining to equality and human rights as a common foundation.

You will develop your knowledge and understanding of key policy and law governing practice in safeguarding adults and learn to critically examine these policies and laws in detail, enabling you to consolidate your understanding of the relationship between policy, law and safeguarding adults. 

You will also learn to apply these policies, laws and case laws to your practice and to explore competing perspectives in policy and law.

Social work

Course details

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • define knowledge and understanding of the range of legislation that is relevant for practice
  • critically examine knowledge and understanding of application of policy and law which inform professional practice in Safeguarding Adults
  • recognise the importance of cross-referencing and analyse competing perspectives in legal frameworks regarding equality, mental capacity, safeguarding and human rights, for example
  • critically evaluate and apply knowledge from this module to your own practice
  • critically evaluate ways in which the law can be used to counter discrimination.
AssessmentThe assessment for this module is an essay using a case study from your practice.
(Please note that these assessment details are provisional - if you require further information please contact the module lead or the Professional Development Unit).

Module dates

This module will not run in the academic year 2021 / 22. 
(Occasionally delivery dates might be subject to change – always check with the module lead or Professional Development Unit).
Please be aware that all modules run to minimum numbers. 
In the event that there are low numbers, this module may be rescheduled to an alternative date. 
Some modules are also subject to maximum numbers.
This module can be studied as a standalone module or as an optional module towards some other MSc Advanced Professional Practice pathways - please contact the Professional Development Unit for further information. 

Admissions information 

Additional information and documentation required for the application process.
  • Application forms. 
  • Change of name forms.
  • Pre-course information.
  • Downloadable guides.
  • Student card.
Admissions information Additional information and documentation required for the application process.Access to application forms, download guides and confirmation information. Visit our admissions homepage.

Module lead - Diane Galpin

"Knowledge of law and social policy provide professionals with the foundation on which to promote good practice across health and social care sector when working with those who require safeguarding adult services. The application of law and social policy is central to ensuring the rights of those who require safeguarding intervention are upheld and promoted. The development of knowledge and skills in this area will support professional practice across the sector."

Diane Galpin

Entry requirements

To be considered for a place on this module:
  • you must have previously studied to graduate level
  • you must be a registered health and social care professional or a health and social care worker 
You'll be considered and advised individually (where required) by the programme team and Professional Development Unit. Please contact the PDU or programme lead if you have any queries regarding your situation.

Fees and funding

Funding for this module may be available through your employing trust. To apply please contact your Trust’s Educational Co-ordinator who will guide you through the application process.
If you work in the private, independent and voluntary sector, please contact your employer who will advise you.