Advocacy and education for quality improvement in practice (A-EQUIP) full module (APP741)

Key features

A-EQUIP (advocating for education and quality improvement) is the new employer-led model of supervision. The model promotes a continuous improvement process through staff development, and action to improve quality and experience of care.

The professional advocate is a leadership and advocacy role designed to deploy the A-EQUIP model. Our course will prepare you to undertake the role of the professional advocate, and is for midwives and nurses who are being supported to develop this role within their organisation. You do not need to have been a Supervisor of Midwives in the former statutory model to undertake this course.

We want to enable you to work with the A-EQUIP model, and believe A-EQUIP will have a positive impact on the physical and emotional wellbeing of midwives and nurses  and those working across healthcare, and will also improve the safety, quality and kindness to the  people that we work with.

Module code




FHEQ level

Level 7 – masters degree


Blended learning approach with face to face delivery at Drake Circus campus, Plymouth

Course details

On our course, you will:

  • understand the role of the professional advocate
  • learn to work with the A-EQUIP model as a means to continual improvement
  • develop the skills and competencies required to undertake the role including restorative clinical supervision (RCS).

At the end of our course, you will be equipped to:

  • keep people at the centre of all that you do
  • build and develop professional networks
  • meet contractual obligations
  • explore how the A-EQUIP model can work locally and regionally.

This module can be studied as a standalone module or towards the following award MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Nursing and Midwifery Professions).


There are two parts to the assessment for this module:

  • A written report
  • A practice portfolio

Module dates

Delivery 1

22, 23, 28 September, 5, 12, 19 October and 2, 9 November 2021. 

Delivery 2

30 November, 1, 7, 14 December 2021, 11, 18, 25 January and 1 February 2022. 

Delivery 3

8, 9, 15, 22, 29 March, 5, 26 April and 3 May 2022. 

Please be aware that all modules run to minimum numbers. In the event that there are low numbers, this module may be rescheduled to an alternative date. Some modules are also subject to maximum numbers – for further information please contact the Professional Development Unit.

COVID-secure module delivery

The University is adhering to government guidance relating to COVID-secure operation. For this reason, modules are being delivered in a variety of formats, with much content delivered online, either in an interactive manner (i.e. requiring participation at the allotted times), or sometimes in a passive manner (i.e. you may be able to conduct some of the study outside of the typical taught hours of 09:00–17:00).

Some sessions, particularly clinical assessments, will continue to be delivered face-to-face with appropriate risk-mitigating measures in place. Others may allow you the option of attending face-to-face or synchronously engaging online with peers who attend face-to-face.

When you receive confirmation of your enrolment on a module, you will be granted access to our Digital Learning Environment (DLE or Moodle). You should access this prior to the start of your module to determine the teaching format of the module’s sessions.

Admissions information 

Additional information and documentation required for the application process.

Access to: 

  • application forms 
  • change of name forms
  • pre-course information
  • downloadable guides
  • student card.

Visit our admissions homepage for full details.

Entry requirements

Applicants must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (with live registration) and evidence of study at level 6 within the last 3 years would be advantageous.

Fees and funding

APP741 fees 

Please see our professional development module fees page.


Funding for this module may be available through your employing organisation. Please contact your organisation’s education coordinator in the first instance.

Further information

Places have been allocated regionally for this academic year and this is being co-ordinated by the PNA regional leads please contact the lead in your area regarding the process in your locality. There may be some places that do come available for self-funding / self-coordinating students and if you are in this position please contact our admissions team.

For further information regarding this module, please contact:

Professional Development Unit

Level 4 Rolle Building, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA

Prospective student enquiries:

Phone: +44 1752 586951

Current student enquiries:

Phone: +44 1752 586958

Advocacy and education for quality improvement in practice (A-EQUIP) bridging masterclasses 

These four masterclasses provide a bridging programme for midwives who have previously completed the Preparation of Supervisor of Midwives programme and undertaken the role of Supervisor of Midwives prior to the removal of statutory supervision. This will prepare midwives for the role of Professional Midwifery Advocate.

The professional midwifery advocate (PMA) is the new leadership and advocacy role designed to deploy the A-EQUIP model.

Our masterclasses will prepare you to undertake the role of PMA, and is for midwives who are being supported to develop this role within their organisation.

Visit our masterclasses page for full details. 

APP740 – Advocacy and education for quality improvement in practice (A-EQUIP) bridging APEL module

This module is for those who:

  • have undertaken PoSOM (Preparation of Supervisor of Midwives) programme and have previously been appointed as a Supervisor of Midwives
  • have completed the professional midwifery advocate (PMA) shortened course within the last two years.

This module builds on the professional midwifery advocate (PMA) shortened course and provides academic recognition for those former supervisors of midwives who will be undertaking the professional midwifery advocate role. There is no teaching on this module.

APP740 fees

Please see our professional development module fees page.