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Missing out on your preferred university course can sometimes feel like the end of the world. Alternatively, you may get your grades but still have doubts about your choices.
As our students demonstrate, Clearing can quickly get you back on track, as well as open new doors.
Where could Clearing take you?

Call us on results day

Come results day, we have an army of students manning the phones in our Clearing call centre. Check out their advice for the day and some questions you might want to ask.

Clearing was an easy, straight-forward experience.

When Rachel decided to pursue a second degree the Clearing process at Plymouth helped her take the next step towards her career goals by offering her a place on BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy.  
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Rachel offers her thoughts on the Clearing process and her experience at Plymouth.

The nature of that phone call on A level results day can really colour your impression about whether something feels right and it definitely felt like Plymouth cared the most – the person on the other end of the line was so lovely and I felt completely at ease.

Emily Vickery, BSc (Hons) Chemistry
Emily was certain she wanted to study medicine, but after applying through Clearing for a degree in chemistry, she found many more doors opened to her. 

I was working a full-time job, happily earning a salary, when changes in the company left my position uncertain. This turn of events was the motivation I needed to go to university to pursue something I enjoy and seize control of my career. I wanted to follow my dreams.

Clearing gave Dave the opportunity to pursue his passion and build a network of contacts that will be invaluable to him in his career in photography.

I thought it was bad to be going through Clearing and I would be judged going through the process. Once I started looking through the openings available, and saw how many there were, I started to relax.

Ella Graham Goodman, BA (Hons) History with English
Ella found that Clearing helped her re-evaluate her options and placed her on a better course than she'd originally applied for.

Everything was very clear, very thorough...every avenue was open and the help was there when I needed it.

As a "natural worrier", Dave felt uncertain about applying through Clearing.
He soon felt reassured he could achieve his goals, and after accepting a place on BA (Hons) Photography, has been making use of the contacts and opportunities that have come from his course.
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Dave talks about his journey through Clearing, why he chose Plymouth and his Clearing top tips.