150 prestige lecture

The University of Plymouth's prestige lecture series, launched during our 150th anniversary year in 2012, is now complete. Very many thanks to our inspirational speakers.

Professor Camille Parmesan
Oceans and Climate Change: What to Do and Why

Tom Bloxham MBE
Universities, Cities, Art Regeneration and the Royal William Yard

Charles Clarke
International Challenges in Higher Education

Professor Alison Wolf CBE
Can we educate our way out of trouble? Schools, universities and the future of Britain

Nick Ryan
150 CD launch pre-concert prestige lecture on his new composition 'So Above, As Below'

Sir John Parker GBE
Engineering and the leadership journey

Professor Sir Adrian Smith FRS
Statistics: the antidote to lying figures and figuring liars

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones
The importance of jeopardy in any challenger brand