Student transfers

Guidance for those studying at the University of Plymouth who are looking to transfer to, from, or within the University of Plymouth

If you change your mind about your studies or your personal circumstances affect your ability to continue with your studies, there may be an opportunity for you to transfer:

Transfer to the University of Plymouth – in some cases, we are able to consider transfer students if you have completed part of your university studies elsewhere.

Transfer within the University of Plymouth, which may entail programme or mode of study changes.

Transfer out of the University of Plymouth if you decide that this is not the right place for you.

The University’s regulations relating to transfers are set out in section SRE 2 of the Academic Regulations.

If you are currently enrolled on a University award at a partner institution, you should refer to our partner institutions' guidance on student transfers.

If you are an international student with a Student (formerly Tier 4) visa, you should consider the effect that transferring to another institution or degree programme at the University would have on your visa. You should seek advice from one of the University’s International Student Advisors in the Student Hub because any change to your study will affect your visa.

Transferring to the University

Transferring from another university is a big decision. Following our guidance below will help you through the process.

You should:

  • Check the financial implications of transferring from another university, especially if you will have to repeat a year. Further information is available from Student Finance England.
  • Check that you meet the entry requirements for your preferred course at the University, which are listed on each of our degree programme web pages. You may wish to contact the Admissions team to seek further advice before submitting an application.
  • Apply to transfer through UCAS for all undergraduate programmes. You should indicate your desired point of entry in the 'choices' section of your UCAS application.
  • Ensure the reference on your application is provided by one of your current university tutors.
  • List details of all the modules you have studied as well as your school-leaving qualifications.

Should you choose to transfer to the University of Plymouth, module grades or credits from your previous study may not be included in the calculation of your degree classification awarded by the University of Plymouth. Information relating to the Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL) is set out in the University’s Academic Regulations.

There may be restrictions for transfer to certain degree programmes at the University of Plymouth due to professional accreditation requirements.

Internal transfers within the University

The University’s Academic Regulations set out the criteria you must meet if you wish to transfer your studies from one specific degree programme to another within the University of Plymouth.

If you wish to consider transfer within the University, you should:

  • Inform your personal tutor and your programme administration team in your school or faculty.
  • Discuss and confirm the requests for transfer with both your current Programme Lead and the Programme Lead of the programme onto which you are seeking to transfer.

You should also consider any potential financial implications that a transfer within the University may have on your student loan or funding arrangements. Information and advice is available through the Student Hub.

There may be restrictions on the degree programmes onto which you can transfer due a programme’s professional accreditation requirements.

Transferring out of the University

Changing university can be a big decision, which you should consider carefully. You should discuss your options with your personal tutor or Programme Lead as well as seeking support from the Student Hub.

Having considered your options, if transfer to another institution is the right decision for you, you need to make an application for the course or courses that interest you. The University of Plymouth is unable to complete the application for you.

If your application is accepted, you should:

  • Inform your personal tutor or Programme Lead, who will inform your faculty office. The faculty office will process your withdrawal from the University and will provide you with an official leaving date. This date is important because it can affect the tuition fees you owe and your entitlement to future funding.
  • Ask your new university to issue a transfer change in circumstances notification to the Student Finance if you are in receipt of loan support. This will transfer your student finance from the University of Plymouth to your new university.