How do you beat university nerves?

Leaving home, making friends, starting your course and settling in – it’s totally normal to feel a few butterflies before embarking on university. Your whole life is about to change! But there are plenty of ways to ease the nerves and make sure you show up feeling confident and raring to go. Meet some students who share their experiences, and remember: everyone else is in the same boat…

Kayleigh Newstead

Primary education

Join in as much as possible, and if that isn’t normally your style, get involved in at least one thing. Joining social media groups, societies and going to freshers’ week is the best way to make friends and find like-minded people. I would recommend open days, especially if you can’t decide on a course; the advice from lecturers and students is really helpful!

<p>Kayleigh Newstead<br></p>
<p>Zahid Rehemtulla<br></p>

Zahid Rehemtulla


I was worried about moving away from my home town and my parents, to a new city with no friends, where I had to do everything for myself. Just remain approachable and be yourself and you will have nothing to be worried about. I was a little anxious before, but now I thoroughly enjoy everything about student life and having my independence.

Angeline Rietveld

Animal behaviour and welfare

I was scared that I wasn’t clever enough or that I wouldn’t get on with the people on my course. Both worries were proven wrong – the people on my course are lovely and there is plenty of help available. Don’t be scared. Your course will be something that everyone has a passion for, so you’ll definitely have something in common.

<p>Angeline Rietveld<br></p>
<p>Grace Holcroft <br></p>

Grace Holcroft

International tourism management

Instead of thinking about what was making me nervous I tried to think about everything to get excited about, like the societies I could join. Try to focus on all the amazing experiences you’ll have, and then the nerves won’t get the better of you! And go to an open day – I was 99 per cent sure I was going to another university, but when I visited Plymouth, I absolutely loved the campus and the course, so it became my firm choice.

Liam Harvey


Start doing things independently (e.g. cooking, washing) now, just to be a bit more comfortable with these tasks and to give you a bit of confidence in yourself. Also, push yourself out of your comfort zone – do some things you never thought you could do, to make you feel you can conquer university. When you get there, it’s a lot less nerve-wracking than you might think!

<p>Liam Harvey<br></p>