Why go to a university open day?

We went along to find out what you get out of attending an Open Day at the University of Plymouth, from course info and campus vibes to meeting current students...

Anuruthen Sivakumaran (left) and Sulimaan Iqbal (right)

Medicine with biomedicine – Medicine or environmental science

Anuruthen: “I was interested in Plymouth because it’s a really nice area, but I wanted to come and see it because every uni is different. The campus looks really good. I enjoyed the lectures and the overall feel of being here. I’ve been to a drop-in session with medical students – it was useful to ask them about teaching, lecturers, lifestyle, etc. It’s helped a lot. I wasn’t sure before I came here, but I really like it.” 
Sulimaan: “I like the feel of it, and being on the coast and near the seaside. It looks like a brilliant uni so far. It’s better than I expected – the interaction with students and staff, the lectures were really impressive. I’m undecided on what course I want to do, so it’s been useful for helping me decide.”

Anuruthen Sivakumaran and Sulimaan Iqbal
Toby Easley

Toby Easley

Environmental science

“I was drawn to Plymouth by the league tables – it’s quite high up for my course, but the location is good too. This is my first time in Plymouth: it’s really pretty, great views. It’s a really good campus, and smarter than others I’ve looked at. I’ve been to some helpful talks about finance and my course. I learned what I would be studying and it’s opened my mind to the course a bit more. One of the current students gave us a tour around the labs, which was really useful.”

Elvira Akimova

Dental therapy and hygiene or a science subject

“I’m hoping that today will help me make my mind up – it’s given me a greater insight into the two courses and helped me see the difference between them, even though they are similar. Speaking to lecturers as well as students has given me a really good understanding. I live in Plymouth and it’s a really nice city to be in. The campus is quite modern but you do have lots of different buildings – it’s very nice. Coming today has helped me decide that Plymouth is my number one choice. I’ve come with my mum to help me with the decisions. We’re Latvian and she doesn’t understand the education system here, but everyone has explained it and she feels positive about everything now. Most of the questions I had were about the courses, and coming to the Open Day has answered all of them.”

Elvira Akimova