Languages Café

The Languages Café promotes communication across languages and across cultures. It helps home students and international students to make contact and network. It fosters cross-cultural friendships. In short, it brings people together!

Originally set up by languages staff in the Plymouth Business School, the Languages Café is a relaxed meeting place with a native speaker at each table to help guide conversations in French, Spanish and English, and occasionally German, Chinese or Italian.

Supported by the Plymouth Business School and the International Centre, it is open to the public as well as staff and students, and offers a platform for people of all levels to come together to practice conversing in a variety of languages.

When does the Languages Café run? 
The Languages Café will be on a summer break in August and will start again on Wednesdays 13.00 -14.00 in the Open Access area 108 in Cookworthy building from September 14th 2022.

What happens?
Groups for each language meet informally to chat, exchange views and enjoy each other's company over coffee. Holders of University ID can get a complimentary drink.
What do students say about it?
“Great way to prepare for exams, meet new people and learn about foreign cultures!” 
“It is wonderful to meet people of different walks of life and different levels of ability.”
“This is an amazing arrangement. People are helping each other and having fun. Really improves understanding and language speaking skills!”
“I’m happy to be here.”
“We are lucky to have the languages café. It is very friendly and allows us to improve our languages while having fun.”