Athena Swan within the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science
Athena Swan is a national Charter designed to advance gender equality in higher education. The Charter is necessary in order to tackle a worrying trend whereby women continue to be underrepresented at senior levels in academia. In April 2016, the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science received an Athena Swan Bronze departmental Award; this recognises that the School has undertaken a thorough review of gender disparities among the student and staff community together with a plan for advancing greater equality. 
Athena Swan Bronze Award holders need to have demonstrated that they have undertaken a comprehensive ‘self-assessment’ process. This involves a extensive data analysis and department-wide consultation in order to review every stage of the academic career pathway, from student recruitment through to academic promotions. The work of the SoGEES self-assessment team seeks to promote good practice to the benefit all staff and students. 

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The Women's Network

The Plymouth University ‘Women’s Network’ was established in 2015 to support staff by providing a forum for discussion, debate, networking, mutual support and individual development, with activities and events for women including peer coaching, mentoring and support. It also provides a unified voice to help raise the issues that women face in their careers.
The Women's Network contact in SoGEES is Dr Kim Ward

Women's Network SoGEES

There is now a Women's Network in SoGEES. Follow the link to see some information about the events the Network has organised recently.
The University's Women in Science
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