Here at the University of Plymouth we recognise the importance of enthusing the next generation of scientists, whether it is through visits to local schools, in house events, or wider promotion of the subject via national societies.

The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Plymouth welcome invitations to participate in outreach events such as talks, short workshops or careers fairs. These can either be through University staff visits or by visits to the University of Plymouth. We do not charge for speakers but would require you to cover reasonable travel and subsistence costs for staff visits. If you would like to request a visit, please complete the form.

<p>Geology induction image of orange rocks. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.</p>
Earth Sciences at Plymouth
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Girls into Geoscience
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<p>Girls in geosciences</p>


The Centre for Chemical Sciences at the University of Plymouth are delighted to be hosting our forth STEM event directed at GCSE level students identifying as female with an interest in chemistry related careers. 

The format includes talks with two inspiring women working in chemistry related roles.  These have included staff from within the University other academic institutions, industry and the RSC 175 Faces of Chemistry.

Find out more about GenChem

Girls into geoscience

This exciting one day workshop, with additional optional field trip to Dartmoor, will introduce female A level students to the Earth sciences and demonstrate the world of careers open to Earth science graduates today. 

With seminars from women working in geology, and hands on workshops looking at GIS, microfossils and planetary geology, this year’s girls into geoscience event isn’t one to miss. 

Geology isn’t just for the boys – find out more!

A level Geohazards Conference 2019

Professor Iain Stewart’s keynote talk on communicating geohazards and disaster risk from the 2019 A level Geohazards conference. Iain covers topics as diverse as geohazard occurrence (volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis), risk management and communication, and the effects of a range of hazards drawing upon a number of case studies such as Mount Merapi volcanic eruption and the Boxing Day tsunami to look at the intersection between physical sciences and human responses.