Earth sciences outreach lecture
Here at the University of Plymouth we recognise the importance of enthusing the next generation of scientists, whether it is through visits to local schools, in house events, or wider promotion of the subject via national societies.
The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Plymouth welcome invitations to participate in outreach events such as talks, short workshops or careers fairs. These can either be through University staff visits or by visits to the University of Plymouth. We do not charge for speakers but would require you to cover reasonable travel and subsistence costs for staff visits. If you would like to request a visit, please complete the form

Talks currently available:

These talks are aimed at GCSE and A Level students.
Please complete the form to book a talk, If the talk you are interested in is not listed, get in contact and we can see what we can offer. 


  • Marine Chemistry for research (A level)

  • Pyromania! (GCSE and A level)

  • Science Careers Talk (GCSE and A level)

  • Firefighting chemistry (GCSE and A level)

  • Marine/terrestrial chemistry: reusing waste to make living soils (GCSE and A level)

  • Seeing the invisible: Analytical Chemistry Techniques to Identify Atoms and Molecules (A level)

  • Applying to University? 10 top tips from a chemistry Admissions Tutor (A level)

Environmental science

  • Flushed Away - there is no such place as "away" - what goes down our toilets and where does it go? (A level)

  • The problem of black plastic (GCSE and A level)

  • Peatlands: the unsung heroes in the fight against climate change (A level)

Earth science

  • Volcanoes, landslides, tsunamis, why look at one? let's do them all! (GCSE and A level)

  • Earthquake impacts (GCSE and A level)

  • Tsunamis! Past and present; from Japan to the UK (A level)


  • It's the end of the world as we know it? Geography, Population and Resources (A level)

  • Changing Places: Rebranding Urban and Rural Areas (A level)

  • Urban and Waterfront Change (GCSE and A level)

  • But the climate has always changed! (GCSE and A level)

  • Flying and climate change – what are your carbon emissions? (A level)

  • Geography: using GIS for the extended project (A level)

  • Exploring the importance of glaciers for water, food, and energy security (A level)

  • Living in a ‘pop-up’ world: is pop-up architecture the answer to our urban problems? (A level)

  • When did humans begin to transform the biosphere (GCSE and A level)

Girls into Geoscience
Earth sciences outreach lecture
Girls in geosciences

Chemistry schools partnership

Our chemistry schools partnership aims to advance chemistry teaching and connect our experts more widely with the next generation of scientists. We work together with teachers to develop creative sessions and content that links to your chemistry syllabus such as a particular practical or demonstration that you cannot deliver at school.
Chemistry specialist areas here in Plymouth are applied analytical chemistry, environmental geochemistry and practical laboratory training. We have annual face to face and virtual school tours demonstrating analytical techniques, allowing students to get close to the action and our ‘spectroscopy in a suitcase’ programme gives students the opportunity to gain hands on experience of instrumentation in the classroom. Other possibilities are curiosity-based requests, short tutorials and advice on applying to university.
If you are interested in becoming a partner with us, please email
Chemistry lab technicians
Genchem event 2017


 The Centre for Chemical Sciences at the University of Plymouth are delighted to be hosting our forth STEM event directed at GCSE level students identifying as female with an interest in chemistry related careers.
The format includes talks with two inspiring women working in chemistry related roles. These have included staff from within the University other academic institutions, industry and the RSC 175 Faces of Chemistry

Girls into geoscience

 This exciting one day workshop, with additional optional field trip to Dartmoor, will introduce female A level students to the Earth sciences and demonstrate the world of careers open to Earth science graduates today. 
With seminars from women working in geology, and hands on workshops looking at GIS, microfossils and planetary geology, this year’s girls into geoscience event isn’t one to miss.
Girls into Geoscience


A lecture containing 9 illuminating demonstrations about the chemistry of fire. The first half of the talk looks at the chemistry of fireworks and culminates in video footage of setting the Guinness World Record for the number of rockets ignited in 30 seconds. The rest of the talk shows how a knowledge of chemistry can create spectacular happenings from everyday materials. Suitable for all secondary school year groups. 
This demonstration lecture has been performed at both the Royal Institution and the Science Museum in London.
Assorted food border on wood table shot from above

Food in the UK: Changing food production and demand

Food is one of the basic necessities of life: a critical resource upon which we all rely for our survival, health and well-being. Ending hunger and ensuring access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food, is a global challenge. In working to address this challenge, the geography of our food has changed a lot in recent history, with the development of new methods of food production, complex food supply chains and changing customer demands and expectations. To explore this, we team up with geographers Dr Christopher Turner, Dr Catherine Oliver and Dr Kim Ward
Geology induction image of orange rocks. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.
Earth Sciences at Plymouth
Volcano erupting at night spewing orange lava