Quality Excellence Unit
The Quality Excellence Unit (QEU), is a unit within the Peninsula Medical School (PMS), the Faculty of Health, the University of Plymouth. The vision of the QEU is to achieve excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate clinical education. 

Functions of the QEU
  1. Monitoring of the quality data of the undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes in the PMS.
  2. Generating holistic reports of Quality data from various sources including the University Planning and Analytics and School-based feedback activities.
  3. Making recommendations in relation to quality data to the statutory Committees in the School and Faculty.
  4. Provide members of staff in the PMS with data metrics that would help with academic progression, promotion, and personal development.
  5. Help with engagement with the regulators e.g. General Medical Council, the Health and Care Professions Council and the Society and College of Radiographers.
  6. Explore evidence-based practice in relation to quality both nationally and internationally.
  7. Enterprise activities including consultancy work e.g. provision of support for the setup of undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes related to medicine within the UK and Internationally.
  8. Collaboration with local, regional and national organisations in areas of quality.
<p>Students and doctor in blue aprons looking over a patient in a bed</p>
<p>Two student doctors looking after a dummy patient&nbsp;</p>
<p>Two doctos in blue carrying our surgery&nbsp;</p>

The Quality Excellence Team - members of the QEU are academics within the Peninsula Medical School

<p>Students in a classromm talking to an academic</p>
<p>Students listening to academic in a classroom</p>

For further information, please email: qualityexcellence@plymouth.ac.uk