John Bull building

As a medical student, the full range of University facilities are available to you, including the Library, Students’ Union, and the University Medical Centre.

Years 1 and 2

Most of the teaching for Years 1 and 2 takes place in the Portland Square building, situated on the main campus. You will visit the Clinical Skills Resource Centre (CSRC) situated at Derriford approximately once a week, these sessions will allow you to build on your practical and communication skills in a safe setting.

Years 3 and 4

During Year 3 and 4, you will complete a series of hospital and general practice-based community placements at either Derriford, Torbay or Taunton.

Year Five

In Year 5 you be able to apply the knowledge, skills and confidence you’ve acquired over the first four years by working ‘on the job’, as part of a healthcare team in action.

Life Sciences Resource Centre (LSRC)

The Life Science Resource Centre (LSRC) will further your understanding of biomedical science and anatomy through a wide range of specialist expert-facilitated sessions and resources that include:

  • an Anatomage virtual dissection table
  • extensive specialist articulated and cross-sectional anatomical models
  • a student fleet of iPads with teaching and learning applications
  • external specialist contributors in subjects such as Medical Imaging
  • clinical equipment to support physiology sessions and peer practice
  • an extensive range of bookable biomedical resources
  • access to small and large bookable spaces for group work and individual learning.

Clinical Skills Resource Centre

Our impressive Clinical Skills Resource Centre (CSRC) allows you to learn vital clinical and communication skills in a safe, supported environment before the pressure is on in a real clinical setting. Many of the training rooms here are replicas of NHS wards and emergency departments, where you can:

  • undertake physical examinations
  • conduct patient and family interviews
  • develop diagnostic skills
  • perform a variety of practical procedures, such as basic life support.

Life Science Resource Centre using teaching and learning applications on Ipads
Using teaching and learning applications on iPads
Life Science Resource Centre virtual cross section anatomical models
Virtual cross section anatomical models
Clinical Skills Resource Centre using anatomical model
Using anatomical models
Clinical Skills Resource Centre learning skills on anatomical model
Learning skills on anatomical models
Life Sciences Resource Centre Anatomage virtual dissection table
Virtual dissection table

e-Managed Learning Environment 

We’re continually refining and developing our online systems, activities and materials to support your learning. The Schools’ web-based e-Managed Learning Environment is a powerful tool to help you take control of your learning how and when it suits you. Its features include:

  • supporting course information, learning materials and library access
  • recording clinical encounters and in a custom-made online student logbook, as well as monitoring your progress and book skills sessions
  • accessing resources such as 3D human anatomy models, electronic journals, personalised assessment database, encyclopedias, interactive online learning materials, formative online computer aided assessments
  • hosting discussion forums in various open, private, academic, and social contexts
  • helping you manage your emails and timetable.


Our extensive library and learning facilities include:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • podcasts
  • books and publications
  • publications
  • hundreds of electronic journals.

Virtual 360

Virtual tour

Explore our fantastic facilities, including our lecture theatres, cafe, learning resource centres and much more.