Dr Julia Baptista

Dr Julia Baptista

Honorary University Fellow

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



Julia Baptista was the Programme Lead for the MSc Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation and for the MSc Healthcare Improvement & Patient Safety at the Faculty of Health until April 2022.

An experienced educator and clinical scientist in genetics and genomics, Julia has a background of working within the NHS diagnostic services for patients with rare genetic diseases where she was a leading scientist providing diagnoses which could inform management and treatment for acutely unwell neonates and their families. Julia's work in the interface between clinical service and research has led to the identification of several novel disease genes and to expanding our understanding of rare diseases allowing families to make more informed decisions about their health.

Julia has extensive experience delivering clinical education to healthcare professionals through her previous roles as an Honorary Lecturer in Genomic Medicine, as the Rare Disease Scientific and Education Lead for Genome Sequencing at the South West Genomic Laboratory Hub and as a Faculty member at the European School of Genetic Medicine. She left the University of Plymouth to pursue her passion for genomics and is now a Scientific Training Officer (Practice Educator) and Clinical Scientist at the South East Genomics Laboratory Hub in London (King's College Hospital, Synnovis).


2018: Royal College of Pathologists Part I exam in Genetics

2016: NHS Leadership Academy Award in Leadership Foundations

2008: PhD in Human Genetics, University of Southampton, UK 

2002: BSc (Hons) Microbial Biology and Genetics, University of Lisbon, Portugal 

Professional membership

Association for Clinical Genomic Science

The British Society for Genetic Medicine 

European Society of Human Genetics

Royal College of Pathologists (Diplomate Member)

HCPC Registered Clinical Scientist (CS19885)  

Roles on external bodies

Scientific Advisory Group Member of GenQA-Genomic Quality Assessment (Exome scheme lead 2021 and 2022)

European Society of Human Genetics Board Member (2021-2026)

Editorial Board European Journal of Human Genetics (2022- ongoing)



Research interests

Rare disease

Variant interpretation

Genome sequencing





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