Students and a consultant on the wards

Peninsula offers students a very unique learning experience. The teaching is relevant to clinical practice from anatomy/physiology through to clinical medicine; you will be taught the most important concepts which will thoroughly prepare you for your role as junior doctor in your Foundation Years.

The most important aspect of the teaching is that the clinicians and doctors help you understand what is going on with the patients rather than asking you to merely memorize large amounts of information which you may struggle to retain.

For me the best teaching experience has been on the wards and during our case presentations with the consultants at the end of each week during the clinical years. I feel that being able to think in the right way is really the key in becoming a good doctor. 

I feel very privileged to study at Peninsula as I've originally come from India to study here in the UK. It has been an experience of a lifetime and I intend to work in the UK, hopefully as a surgeon.

Ayaaz Habib, year 5