Professor Hisham Khalil

Professor Hisham Khalil

Head of Peninsula Medical School

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)


I consider myself an educationalist, a surgeon, a clinical supervisor, a researcher and manager. I am a National Teaching Fellow and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I see one of the principal functions of the ‘Educator’ is to act as a ‘role model’ for their students and trainees, inspiring them, making them aware of their potential and helping them realise their ambitions. Throughout my career, I have been committed to learning and teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students and trainees in Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing. This has been at multiple levels including curriculum design, quality assurance, mentorship, educational innovations, and learning resources.

I'm an active clinical researcher with an interest in new models of healthcare delivery, nasal obstruction, rhinosinusitis and sino-nasal cancer.
My Current Posts and Roles include:

Head of the Peninsula Medical School, Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences

Consultant ENT Surgeon, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust since August, 2004
I have a special interest in Rhinology and endoscopic anterior skull base surgery. I completed a Doctorate Degree (MD) in North Wales on patients with noise-induced hearing loss. I completed my specialist training in ENT Surgery in the South West of England training scheme. My surgical fellowship in Rhinology was in Fulda, Germany. 

Non-Executive Director,Universityy Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust Board

Non-Executive Director, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

ENT NIHR Clinical Research Network Lead, South West Peninsula
I lead on aspects of clinical research in the Peninsula in his role as ENT CRN lead.

GMC Associate
As an Educational Associate, I contribute to the quality assurance of medical programmes at a national level.

External Assessor, Irish Medical Council
This involves the accreditation of joint medical programmes in Ireland and other countries e.g. Malaysia

Member of Panel of Assessors for Specialist Training, Medical Council of Ireland

Assistant Editor, Journal of Laryngology and Otology

Current/Recent Collaborations:
1.Senior Editor of a 'Springer' Book publication (International Collaboration); Rhinology and Anterior Skull Base Surgery; A case based approach.
2. A project with University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust and the East Cornwall Group of Practices, on a New Model for Healthcare Delivery
3.Joint Staff Development Events with Health Education England.working across the South West
4. Students Matter Conference with the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences 

Enterprise Activities
1. Led a project to review the process for recognition of medical specialties in the Republic of Ireland
2. Lead for a project to develop a Communication Skills App for Nurses for the Nuffield Health group.
3. Led on a project to develop a mobile app for Globus Pharyngeus patients. 
4. led a project to develop a 'Communication Skills' app for healthcare professionals.


MB.CH.B., Alex (Distinction with Honours), 1987, 

Masters in Otolaryngology, 1991
FRCSI, 1993,
FRCS, Otol (Glasg), 1994
Doctorate Degree in Otolaryngology (MD), 1996
FRCS (ORL-HNS), Glasg, 2002
Dip. Med. Ed (Bristol), 2010
Masters in Clinical Education, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, 2014
Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy(Advance HE), 2015
National Teaching Fellow, Higher Education Academy(Advance HE), 2017

Professional membership

Advance HE(Higher Education Academy)
Specialist Register, Otolaryngology, General Medical Council
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
Full membership of ENT UK
Member of the British Medical Association
British Rhinological Society
Otorhinological Research Society
South West Laryngological Association

Roles on external bodies

Interim Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of plymouth (August 2018-September, 2019)
Non Executive Director, University Hospitals NHS Trust
Chair of the Peninsula Otolaryngology Specialist Training Committee (2012-2018)
ENT NIHR Clinical Research Network Lead, South West Peninsula
Educational Associate, General Medical Council
External Assessor, Irish Medical Council
Member of Quality Panel, Health Education England South West
Professor of Otolaryngology, Alexandria University
Deputy Chair, Medical Advisory Committee, Nuffield Health, Plymouth

Teaching interests

 I have an interest in undergraduate and postgraduate clinical education. I led the PCMD BMBS Curriculum review with the introduction of an induction week for year 5, consolidation weeks for year 4 and an enhanced patient safety curriculum. I led the PU PSMD Grand Rounds Pilot with Dr Adele Hill and Dr James Edwards in 2014/2015, now part of the core curriculum.I was the chair of the PSMD years 3 and 4 curriculum working group which developed the enhanced years 3 and 4 PSMD curriculum. As the previous Quality Lead for the medical school, I coordinated the quality management activities of the school and the completion of the Medical School Annual Return (MSAR).

My Undergraduate Medical Education activities include delivery of plenaries, tutorials, special study modules and workshops and patient safety,. I also contribute to teaching and learning in the Peninsula Dental School and the Physician Associates Programme.

My Postgraduate Education activities include supervision of MD and MSc dissertations. I also have an interest in Surgical Training and Technology-enhanced Learning. I am passionate about developing high quality learning resources for undergraduate students and postgraduate health care professionals.I am the senior editor of the Plymouth Clinical Manual and I have l led the development of student-led podcasts. I have recently led a project through a Health Education England South West Grant to develop a communication skills app for Healthcare Professionals viable to download for free in the Apple store and through Google (Peninsula Communication Skills)

I led the PSMD Engaged-Student Learning team that took part in the Higher Education Academy(HEA) national initiative in 2014-2015. 

I'm currently leading the development of a learning support app for healthcare students through an Advance HE grant.

Staff serving as external examiners

External Assessor for the Irish Medical Council

Research interests

I am the ENT National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network Lead for the South West Peninsula

Current Research Projects include:

1. Principal Investigator at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust for the NAIROS NIHR Portfolio study. This is a study led by a research team in Newcastle to  investigate alternative treatments for patients with nasal obstruction.

2.Chief Investigatorof a study on Alteration of Taste following ENT surgery, University Hospitals NHS Trust.

3. Lead author for a Cochrane Review for surgical interventions for Chronic Rhinosinusitis without Polyps

4.Lead researcher for study on interventions to support University students with mental health problems. University of Plymouth.

 Future ResearchProjects:

1.Principal Investigator, MACRO study (NIHR Portfolio study due to start in 2018)

 Previous NIHR Research Activities 

1. Principal Investigator for the Chronic Rhinosinusitis Epidemiologic Survey (CRES)study in Plymouth

2. Principal Investigator, Plymouth, of the commercial, NAVIGATE study 

My research interests include:

ENT Clinical Trials, Clinical Education Research , Systematic Reviews, Clinical Outcomes, Surgical Simulation

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Masters in Clinical Education to Plymouth University Students

Masters in Otolaryngology to Alexandria University Student

MD to Alexandria University Student

Grants & contracts

  • Contract to Review Processes for Recognition of Medical Specialties. Medical Council of Ireland, 2017
  • HE South West Peninsula Innovation Fund, 2015
  • Teaching Fellowship Award, University of Plymouth, 2014
  • Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD) Division of Medical Education Awards in 2013 and 2014.
  • Plymouth University Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (PSMD) Division of Medical Education Award in 2014
  • Peninsula Deanery Innovation Fund Award, 2012
  • Successful Business Case for ENT Research Fellow, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust in 2013, recurring annually.
  • Successful set up of NIHR accredited ENT Academic Clinical Lecturer Post, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS trust

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
Khalil H, Stavrakas M & Murgatroyd S 2018 'Challenges in the management of sino-nasal cancer. A ten-year experience' European Rhinologic Society Meeting, London 4-/-0/2018 4-/-0/2018
Stavrakas M, Varadarajan V & Khalil H 2018 'Microdebrider-assisted rhinophyma excision: a case series' European Rhinologic Society Meeting London 4-/-0/2018 4-/-0/2018
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Other Publications
Khalil H 2014 The effectiveness of use of virtual patients for medical students. Masters Dissertation. 01/01/1900 01/01/1900
Khalil H 1996 Dizziness in patients with noise-induced hearing loss. A clinical and audiological study. 01/01/1900 01/01/1900
Khalil H 1991 Chenopodium Oil as a new topical antifungal agent in otomycosis. An in-vivo study. 01/01/1900 01/01/1900

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Author of 3 English Poetry books;Random Thoughts, Sunset Moments and the Nature of Hearts.

Interested in Landscape Photography