Dr Linda Solbrig

Dr Linda Solbrig

Research Fellow

Research fellow 


I finished my PhD in Psychology at the University of Plymouth and PenCLAHRC in August 2018. Prior to that I graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2014 with first class honors BSc (Hons) Psychology and also worked there as a research assistant on social psychology and social cognitive psycho physics projects. 
I am a trained practitioner in Motivational Interviewing and Functional Imagery Training. 
My main area of interest is improving health and quality of life by applying cognitive psychology to the development and advancement of novel health interventions, especially in sustained weight management, increased physical activity and work-related stress. 

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Solbrig L, Whalley B, Kavanagh DJ, May J, Parkin T, Jones R & Andrade J 2018 'Functional Imagery Training versus Motivational Interviewing for Weight Loss: A randomised controlled trial of brief individual interventions for overweight and obesity' International Journal of Obesity , DOI PEARL
Solbrig L, Jones R, Kavanagh DJ, May J, Parkin T & Andrade J 2017 'People trying to lose weight dislike calorie counting apps and want motivational support to help them achieve their goals' Internet Interventions PEARL