Low Carbon Devon Events 
The Low Carbon Devon System Shift event series was a range of innovative, imaginative and solutions-focused events, exploring how we can rise to the climate challenge. Over 90 events were held with over 4500 attendees between 2020 and 2023. 
Low Carbon Devon also supported the development and delivery of the successful Future Plymouth 2030 series of events from their inception in 2020. These events have now evolved from being simply online (watch again on the Future Plymouth 2030 YouTube channel) to being a mix of online, in-person, visits and workshops – with the Sustainability Hub being one of the venues for these events.
Some of the past events are now available as recordings on the Sustainable Earth Institute YouTube Channel and the links can be found below. And a list of all past events can be viewed on page 76 of the project's Summative Assessment.
Low Carbon Devon also sponsored the Future Plymouth 2030 series of events.

Inspire ambition

These events aimed to explore what a zero carbon future might look like, the bold and systemic change required and how we can imagine a world where people and planet flourish.

Take action

These practical workshops were solutions-focused and practical, focusing on implementing change, covering themes such as carbon footprinting, life cycle assessment, B Corp and the SDGs.