Centre for Health Technology

The Old Normal: Our Future Health 

The Centre for Health Technology brings together researchers with over 30 years of evidence-based research experience in health and technology. Together, they work to enable innovative healthcare solutions that reduce the pressure on services, support healthy ageing in our communities and stimulate an economy of wellbeing that benefits all. 

In this series, they share their views on the current state of health and care in the UK, and what its future could look like.

The University of Plymouth’s Centre for Health Technology brings together digital health and technology expertise from across the University to drive the development, evaluation and implementation of innovative technologies, products, services and approaches to transform health and social care and create an economy of wellbeing.

Focusing principally on digitally-enabled innovations, our researchers work with a network of cross-sector partners, including NHS, industry, health and social care organisations and patient groups, to deliver research and development of international importance, enabled by the unique population and geographical characteristics of the South West region of England. 

Dr Arunangsu Chatterjee at 'International Challenges of the Health Ecosystem' forum

Led by the CSG (Cluster Saúde de Galicia), the #REIS (Retos Internacionales del Ecosistema Salud) is the international reference forum to address the challenges and opportunities of the health ecosystem. It brings together representatives from health and social care, both public and private, from across Europe with the ECH Alliance health ecosystem network. Dr Arunangsu Chatterjee Co-Director of the Centre for Health Technology and Associate Professor in Digital Health joined speakers from Europe, Latin America, Asia and the USA. Dr Chatterjee shared the experience in the South West of creating a health innovation ecosystem, including the EPIC project and SWITCH initiative. 

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Dr Arunangsu Chatterjee speaks at the launch of German health ecosystem

Co-ordinator of the Centre for Health Technology and Associate Professor in Digital Health, Dr Arunangsu Chatterjee discussed the University's expertise and proven track record of delivering health technology projects through a developing ecosystem of health care, industry, government, research and voluntary partners, SWITCH. Launched in July 2020, it is part of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECH Alliance) and linked to the wider Digital Health Ecosystem Network. The virtual event launched the digital health ecosystem 'Health4All' in Hesse, Germany to local and international stakeholders. The ecosystem will connect startups, SMEs and large enterprises dealing with health solutions into a single integrated ecosystem.

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