Victoria Pérez Sánchez

Victoria tells us about her Traineeship with Plymouth Global.

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Name: Victoria Pérez Sánchez

Home institution: ESIC Business and Marketing School, Spain

Subject: Commercial Management, Marketing and Digital Business

"Undoubtedly I would recommend this traineeship to anyone who wants to have an amazing experience and change their routine."

"Moving abroad has always been my dream since I was a child, and now that it’s over I can’t believe it happened. I had to decide in one night if I was going on this adventure or not, and I truly believe I chose the best option. I could never imagine in my first year of university I would do a traineeship related to my programme. 

To be honest, when I decided to come here I didn’t know what to expect, I never imaged it would be so cosy. Once I arrived at the University I felt warm welcomed (in spite of the rain), they received me with a big smile and a lovely character. The University of Plymouth team really took care of me and offered to help me when I needed it, teaching me the English culture and how to adapt to this city, recommending me places to visit and making me feel comfortable when I was missing my home."

"I faced a huge amount of challenges at first, such as living alone, speaking to everyone in a different language (even in the supermarket), travel to a different place with no idea when you have to stop or go, being able to continue a conversation without being afraid to be wrong due to the language and completing my work with Plymouth Global.

In my first day of work I was terrified but after I met my workmates everything changed. In a week I felt like I was at home, I cannot express with words how lucky I have been to be in this team. If it wasn't for Plymouth Global, I don't know what my experience here would have been like."

"During my traineeship I did different types of work and I noticed that I improved my technical and social skills. Moreover, I learnt about how to manage and validate the database, how to do marketing research and so on. However, the key point is I learnt how to work effectively and productively in a team. Knowing the English culture and specifically Plymouth has enriched me as a student but mainly as a person.

My only advice would be do not think twice about coming to Plymouth, you won't regret it! If you want to have an eye-opening experience Plymouth is the best place to be, you can find what you are looking for and enhance your skills.

The University of Plymouth is a solid university with an international trajectory and without a doubt it has left an imprint on my career. Once I have finished my degree I’m pretty sure I will come back! This is an amazing university with lovely people willing to help you anytime."

<p>Victoria Perez Sanchez<br></p>
<p>Victoria Perez Sanchez<br></p>

"I have had the opportunity to get to know Plymouth’s landscapes, its people and its gastronomy which is closely linked to the ocean environment. I live near the Mediterranean Sea in Valencia, and although Plymouth is also a city on the edge of the ocean it’s diametrically different. I just find it fascinating. 

My favourite place to eat was the Barbican. My two favourite foods were the traditional fish and chips or the huge Cap’n Jaspers burger. But if I had to select only one place I liked the best in Plymouth I would choose the Hoe. It seems like it's taken from a picture, with its idyllic sunshine you can lay there and lose track of time.  

Plymouth has really good transport connection to the rest of the country. I had the chance to discover lots of places in England such as London, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter and St Ives."

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