Immigration and Refugee Law Clinic

The Refugee Family Reunion Project has reunited refugees with their families where they have become separated due to persecution or conflict. We work in partnership with the British Red Cross on this project. Our students work on cases for people from countries such as Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sri Lanka. Working with families and vulnerable people whose first language is often not English helps students to develop strong and empathetic communication and client interaction skills.

Increased numbers of Refugee Family Reunion cases, alongside a cut to the legal aid service, has resulted in increased demand and decreased resources in this complex and often time-consuming area of protection law. The work undertaken by the students and Red Cross is thus ever more valuable.

The Director of the Family Reunion project was recently presented with the Sam Kallon Award from the Plymouth Migrant Communities Forum (PMCF) in recognition of her commitment to refugee family reunion work in the South West. The Award is named after one of the founders of the Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support (DCRS) set up in 1999 to provide food and shelter to new arrivals to the UK.