Dhanisha Falguni Chandrakant Bharadia

Graduating with LLB (Hons) Law from Plymouth in 2013, Dhanisha Falguni Chandrakant Bharadia is now a paralegal.

But before she settled down to the day job Dhanisha spent time helping those affected by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

Find out why Dhanisha chose to study at Plymouth and how she made new friends for life.

Choosing Plymouth

Being an undergraduate at the University of Plymouth gave me fond memories of student life, and I made many new friends.
The location of the University, the hustle and bustle of student life and the tranquillity of the beautiful surroundings makes Plymouth an ideal place to go for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
The atmosphere at the University is versatile and energetic. You make lifetime friends along the way.
I learned many things from my course at the University of Plymouth. Whilst studying for the degree, I discovered where my biggest passion lies – environmental law. 
Based on my dissertation, my mentor recommended me to volunteer abroad and make an impact on those who need our help the most. 
Today, environmental law is still young in information, but it is also very political.
By obtaining a degree in law, I have been able to progress within the various aspects of this profession, although my ambition would be to one-day work within the United Nations legal sector.

Law is a very competitive field. Study hard, stay focused, have the passion for the profession, never give up and aim high!

Take nothing for granted

Since graduating I worked in retail for a year and then volunteered in Nepal for three months in 2016 to help work towards one of the UN’s global goals – clean water, sanitation and hygiene.
I fundraised for Raleigh International, who were the first charity group ever to volunteer in an earthquake-hit area. 
Working in a village where we did not have many essential facilities showed me that we take things for granted in this country
We resorted to writing letters to get running water, sanitation and facilities.
Trekking two hours to and from town for basic food supplies takes patience and endurance because of the terrain.
To achieve my fundraising target, I did various activities, such as a four temple walk in one day with my parents, trekking 28 kilometers. We also held a car boot sale and sold hand-decorated candles to raise funds.
Being able to help others who are in need has been the most fulfilling, memorable, rewarding and satisfying experience.
At the end of it all, I earned the International Citizen Service Certificate signed by former Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. David Cameron.

Building relationships

UK volunteers are paired with a Nepali volunteer in their group and from day one, you build that sister or brother relationship with them as well as making lifetime friends with the rest in your group and from other groups.
Our host mother (pictured holding the baby), delivered baby Navyata in the month of April in the early hours of the morning. I was blessed to experience what it’s like to have siblings, especially a baby sibling, considering that I am an only child.
Here is a family photo of myself with my counterpart Pramita Sally
A family photo of Dhanisha with her counterpart, Pramita Sally
on World Water Day pledging to save water for a sustainable future
Dhanisha on World Water Day pledging to save water for a sustainable future

An ambitious future

Upon my return from Nepal, I worked as an operations administrator at Kier Highways. Whilst I was working at Kier I was able to secure work experience with a law firm. I am now working as a paralegal.

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