Callum Patmore – student profile

Callum studied BSc (Hons) Mathematics at the University of Plymouth

My journey at the University of Plymouth started in 2018, where I started my BSc (Hons) Mathematics degree.
Throughout my degree, I worked as a a student ambassador, talking with prospective students, giving them information about the course, local area, and the University. 
In my second year, I was also part of PALS (the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme) where I would act as supplementary support for first year mathematics students. I helped with their academic and personal requests - this really helped me make connections with the other years and build an important support network.
I would highly recommend taking a mathematics degree as it opens your eyes to the language of the universe and how things truly work. 
I recommend studying at Plymouth: the most important factor to any student's journey is having lecturers that positively love the subject they teach. Plymouth provides this in so many ways, making Plymouth the best place to study mathematics. You will not be disappointed. 
In the last year of my degree, I undertook a project on the applications of quantum entanglement. I delved into quantum cryptography and used a method called Schmidt decomposition to determine if a state in quantum mechanics is entangled.
Callum Patmore – BSc (Hons) Mathematics
My project supervisor was Professor David McMullan and he was the greatest, helping me academically and personally through the ups and downs of the final year of my studies. I truly couldn’t have finished the last year without his guidance. 
Going forward from my degree at Plymouth I am looking into a career as a mathematics educator.