Becca Mann, BSc (Hons) Mathematics student

"I am a final-year mathematics student. I chose to study mathematics at Plymouth because of the help available to all students. All of the mathematics lecturers are really helpful and enthusiastic; they are always happy to meet with you outside of lectures to discuss any problems you may encounter. There is also SUM:UP, which is a drop-in service in the University library for anyone with mathematical based issues.

If you are thinking about studying mathematics, then the University of Plymouth is definitely a great choice. There is a wide range of topics to study over the three years from statistics to quantum mechanics and everything in between. Everything is studied from both a theoretical and applied point of view, so you get a good understanding of how the mathematics you are studying applies to the real working world. For example, for my final-year project I have been given the opportunity to build on an idea patented by Hamilton Thorne, Inc. I am investigating how, when an embryonic cell is cut with a laser beam, the heat spreads differently in the surrounding material compared with the biological tissue itself.

During my time at the University I have made some great friends. A lot of the coursework is in groups, which creates the perfect opportunity to bond with your fellow course mates. The people I met in the first few days in my first year I would consider my best friends and we have been there for each other during everything that university has to offer."