Daniel Hodges - graduate profile

"I found the mathematics degree at University of Plymouth challenging but very rewarding. The lecturers are friendly, approachable and very supportive. The course exposed me to a wide range of mathematics and I was able to direct my study based on my prospective career path using the knowledge and skills built up over the degree. 

A mathematics degree has various applications including the development of being able to think logically and analyse a problem. A vital aspect of my job is data analysis including converting the findings into meaningful information that can be used throughout the business. When I first thought about a mathematics degree I wasn’t thinking of my communication skills but these are vital. During the degree you will work with your peers, present your work and explain your findings. 

In the third year we were given the opportunity to complete a project on a topic of our choice. I found my chosen subject, “Modelling the Stock Market Using Statistical Field Theory”, extremely interesting and enjoyable to research, the project greatly helped to develop both my written and verbal communication skills – we had to produce a report on our chosen subject and also present the findings to a group of our peers and lecturers. Presentation skills and the ability to communicate complex concepts to other people are incredibly important."

Studying mathematics at Plymouth

In this video Professor David McMullan and a final year student discuss what it’s like to study here, and show you some of our facilities.
Our Maths Lab is a dedicated space for students to solve problems, practise presentations and talk about mathematics

Studying mathematics 

You will be equipped with high level mathematical skills in a range of areas from pure and applied mathematics; theoretical physics; statistics and operational research.