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"Mathematics is a varied and beautiful subject, and Plymouth University provides a stimulating and supportive environment to develop your interests in it. The Mathematics Department at Plymouth University has passionate lecturers who will encourage you to reach the levels you aspire to and are always willing to provide support to help you achieve them. Whether learning about logical reasoning through deconstructing the Towers of Hanoi puzzle, gaining a deeper understanding of modern online encryption by developing your own RSA encryption process, or unravelling the paradoxes laid down by famous theoretical physicists, studying maths at Plymouth can expose you to the far reaching applications of mathematics and provide you with broad and unconstrained career opportunities.

As a Defence Analyst at DSTL, I get to know that my work is having a direct impact on the UK’s National Security by applying my mathematical knowledge gained from university. The problems that I tackle as part of my day job are thought-provoking, stimulating, and rarely routine. To provide a reliable and valid answer you are required to be innovative and develop new methods, something that is encouraged as DSTL is at the forefront of science and technology. I get to collaborate with world experts on fascinating subject areas and have travelled to Germany and the USA to do so. DSTL has a wide range of specialist areas to get involved in, from chem/bio defence to cyber security, each having the potential to influence the highest levels of UK policy and procurement."