Tom Mainwaring-Evans

Current Job Title: Project Manager

Current Employer: Natural England

Current Location: Truro

"I remember looking into different universities which offered the courses I wanted to do. Plymouth appeared to be one of the best equipped and the staff I had spoken to were engaging and friendly. They encouraged me to make the choice which was best for me. The location in the South-West was also a big bonus!"

Tom Mainwaring-Evans
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"The academic staff at the University of Plymouth taught me a great deal. I quickly learnt professionalism in the workplace and was encouraged to speak out when I was unsure and to engage with my subjects. I was taught to reason differently and structure my reasoning in a calculated way."

"Plymouth has no shortage of inspiring staff, but I was most inspired when engaged in debate. I always enjoyed discussing the reasoning behind decisions, identifying synergies and trade off between ideas and thoughts. These debates were always best when they involved passionate and engaged staff and students."

"I loved the balance I had between lectures, site visits and lab work. If I had to pick one memory though it was collecting data in the labs for my dissertation, there was such an exciting variety of lab equipment to help me in this and I was given a great amount of freedom to experiment."

"I would encourage any potential student to undertake a course with the University of Plymouth, it was a great experience both socially and academically. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the University and often reflect on the lectures which opened my mind and developed my own thoughts and understanding."

"My studies at Plymouth gave me an insight into the professional world and I was shown how I would have to adapt myself to develop my career. Before Plymouth, I was set on being a marine biologist and while I studied marine-based topics, I found myself more and more intrigued by the more holistic approach of environmental science."

"When I finished my degree, I began volunteering for various environmental roles, while working part time in hospitality. Several months later, I landed my first job in the environmental sector as an Environmental Advisor, for a large and diverse company in Cornwall. After three years there, where I gained a wealth of experience, I moved to Natural England as a Project Manager, managing projects which provide real and meaningful impacts on our environment. Throughout my employed life, I have kept up various volunteer roles which have been both fun and deeply rewarding."

"Plymouth helped prepare me for my career greatly. I think it is impossible to be wholly ready to enter the workplace and you never stop learning but my time at Plymouth certainly helped me. The staff where supportive, but not hand-holding. They encouraged independence, which enabled me to develop my confidence." 

"I am a sociable person and love the interactive side of my work. I therefore always look forward to visiting the sites where my work impacts. Natural England manages an array of beautiful locations, which always ground and inspire me when I visit them. In my last job I could have visited an airport, a quarry and a protected landscape in the same week. No two days are the same and I love that."

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