Daniel Quilter with children

As a result of my studies at Plymouth University I am now living in Malaysia running my own ecotourism company. One of the best things about the environmental science course was the fieldwork. The weekly fieldtrips gave me the skills to be able to apply theory to the real world but it was the Malaysia field trip that truly changed my life. 

In 2005 I set up Ecoteer.com and in 2010 followed this with Ecoteer Responsible Travel. My goal is to inspire as many people as possible to make small changes in their lives to help reduce our impact on the planet. This is done by introducing them to volunteering holidays. My work involves managing three community conservation projects as well as online marketing and report writing. 

Our flagship project named the ‘Ecoteer House’ is my pride and joy. We work with the local community and improve the children’s environmental awareness regarding marine conservation. I have heard some of the children say no to eating turtle eggs. We are also introducing a community recycling and composting system which will be used to create a community herb garden for the villagers. I love the diversity of the work. Every day is different.