Photo of Thomas Robson

My degree in environmental science helped secure me my first job in science, working as an analytical chemist, and qualified me to study towards a PhD. Plymouth University has a good reputation for environmental science and is also my home time so it was an easy choice. The course involved plenty of field and laboratory work to support the theory. Field trips included various around Devon and Cornwall, as well as Malaysia and Hong Kong. The fieldwork helped contextualise the taught material and provide real experiences of the economic, physical and cultural aspects of environmental problems. 

I also spent a summer working for Pell Frischmann, an engineering consultancy. I worked on site assessments (contamination) for the redevelopment of old industrial sites and municipal sustainability strategy. The placement was extremely helpful, giving me a glimpse of the most pragmatic application of environmental practice.

My PhD is biogeochemistry focused and involves laboratory and field-based experimentation. I am currently working on an experiment to assess the risk from the long-term weathering of commonly extracted minerals in agricultural soils. My goals are to either go into post-doctoral research in environmental management or consultancy in the environmental/engineering sector.