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"You will not regret your decision to study with Plymouth University; they provide support in different areas and try their best to help develop you, not just academically but also personally - that is something other universities cannot provide.

I studied my higher diploma in Analytical Science and Biotechnology at Hong Kong Institute of Vocation Education, which has a partnership with Plymouth University. The environmental situation is getting everyone’s attention in Hong Kong, especially in terms of waste management and contaminated land because of landfill capacity. I would like to be a person that takes part in our environment and helps save our Earth, therefore I decided to change my major to environmental science when I applied to Plymouth University.

Being an environmental scientist, there is a lot of work to do; luckily I chose to further my studies at Plymouth University. Not only are they teaching me how to be a professional environmental scientist in a practical way but also how to shape myself into a better person.

As an international student, there are lots of things to take in, such as cultural and lifestyle differences. I believe learning is important and life is an adventure; if you do not step outside of your comfort zone there will not be opportunities for change or learning in your life.
Plymouth is a relaxing city, very different to Hong Kong. With the help of staff I found it easier to adapt to life at Plymouth University, they helped me a lot and I am very grateful to have met a lovely officer within the University.

Going to university is not only an educational enhancement; it is also a whole personal development.

There are some experiences which you cannot learn from books or lectures. University is like a miniature version of society in which we learn how to adjust and fit in, which is a great opportunity for improving and practising our sociability before entering society. It is more valuable than anything books could have taught us."

BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

If you want to develop your understanding of human impact on the global environment and turn classroom theory into solutions to real environmental problems, environmental science at Plymouth offers exceptional opportunities.
You’ll develop a thorough understanding of issues relating to biodiversity, marine conservation, sustainability and climate change.
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Welcome to environmental science at Plymouth

Our research facilities are second to none.
Dr Paul Lunt discusses the possibilities environmental science can offer you.