Drakes Place int he sunshine

It always felt like the University was part of the positive change that was happening in the city. I wanted to be part of that positive change too.

Maria Marin - Education graduate

Choosing Plymouth

I was awarded an Erasmus+ traineeship scholarship to work for a local non-profit organisation in Plymouth. During my traineeship I had the opportunity to get to know some of the local charities and their fantastic work. I also met other international students and volunteers from around the world. There were so many different activities and volunteering opportunities around the city and I just fell in love with it all!

I was already looking at universities in Spain to continue my higher education study. I knew I wanted to go for a degree related to education but nothing really fitted what I was looking for. I was then invited to attend an event on the University campus and I remember thinking how great it must be to attend a course here.

The campus is modern, well equipped, and right in the city centre with many international students. So, I went online and searched for the course options related to Education and I found BA (Hons) Education

As I read through the course description, it felt like the course had been written for me. That same night I sent an application.

Positive change

I was very impressed by the University’s commitment towards sustainability and social responsibility. 

I loved the fact that the University was involved in numerous local projects that supported the different communities in Plymouth. It always felt like the University was part of the positive change that was happening in the city, either by supporting research, taking part in social projects and hosting events. I wanted to be part of that positive change too.

View of Roland Levinsky Building through wildflowers growing in the grass. 
Writing Café seat

Supporting you every step of the way

Since day one my tutor made sure I had all the support I needed. 

I expressed my concerns about English not being my first language. I thought this would affect my academic writing but my tutor pointed me in the direction of the English Language Centre and the Writing Cafe which I found very helpful. During stressful exam and deadline periods, the University offered a range of online and face-to-face support services. But I found the biggest support in the staff, they were always easy to reach and happy to help.

Learning from experts

We had many visiting speakers from local authorities, agencies and organisations that shared their professional experiences with us. This truly helped me understand the many career pathways I could take as a future education sector professional.

The staff are really experts on their modules which is very reassuring as a student. They always created positive learning environments in which I truly felt respected and appreciated. 

This built up my confidence academically and professionally.

Exploring different perspectives

Having a degree in education has given me the opportunity to work with children and young people within different learning environments. 

The course allowed me to explore different perspectives of education, teaching and learning which shaped my core values as an educator.

 I am now working as a Day Care Educator for an International School in Luxembourg. I work with primary school children from all over the world in a non formal school environment.

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