People joining hands for BA (Hons) Education

We are a programme that believes in change and transformation. Firstly, of you, our future students. We hope to inspire you to be the change you wish to see in the world….

Our first year core modules (six in total - see course details) are all about encouraging you to start thinking about some of the fundamental questions and issues you think matters when it comes to ‘What kind of Society do you wish to live in?’ What are the purposes of Education in achieving that kind of society? What can we do to ensure the best learning communities for all people? What are the attitudes and values underpinning past and current education, and the schools and learning which you would wish to foster? How significant is education for a sustainable world for our future and those of our children and children’s children? What are the changes you wish to see? What agent of change could you be?
Year one summer vacation: lots of opportunities provided to go and become involved in different projects abroad and in this country to be part of the experiences which change lives – yours as well as those with whom you work.
In the second year your core modules (three in total – see course details) take you into the world of research, to question why do it? What difference can it make to the lived experiences of students, teachers, local communities, national policies, international agency to change what is needed for a ‘better’ world for others… So, how might we do it and what are the fundamental tools and issues to consider?
The modules will introduce you to three different aspects and experiences of research, in part to provide the foundations of research knowledge and understanding to help in your third year with your Dissertation project. The research though is wrapped around three different vehicles to help open up different interest directions for each of you, as well as to challenge and encourage you out of your comfort zones. 
The whole time this programme is about pushing you, willing you, and inspiring you to become the person you want to be, to live by the values and ethics that matter to you, to find your compass bearings and goals for your life ahead.
Chance to study abroad for a semester in the USA
Year two summer vacation: Further opportunities offered to become interns for short term projects, to get involved in practice experiences to help support different learners, learning needs, and communities. 
Lastly, your third year (five modules in total, one core module: Research in Education) will take you further than you will ever anticipate. Our exiting students never fail to speak of the journeys they have been on, the incredible learning gained from their final year and research project/s, also, the myriad of experiential opportunities we continue to offer and encourage students to take in their extracurricular activities. 
Very often, the doors through which the students leave are rarely the ones they anticipated when first joining us – we challenge you to find your passions and direction.

How do we inspire and support our students?

Liz Staples

"Studying Education at the University of Plymouth has been a truly transformative experience."
During the last three years, I have discovered a love for learning, and attended and presented at conferences. I believe in myself and my abilities so much more now and am taking steps towards a career. As students, we benefit from a really strong team of lecturers who have rigorous knowledge of their disciplines, research, and teaching. Starting Uni at 38 I was apprehensive about how enjoyable my student life would be. I needn't have worried at all! Staff and lecturers were friendly and supportive even through enrolment and are always available for a chat or in a time of need. I have made friends with people I would never have normally met, and our friendships have become solid outside of the course and University."
Liz Staples
BA (Hons) Education graduate Liz Staples

Ben Scott

"I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor support system during my time at University”.
“The tutor support on the BA Education programme has been the most accepting and inspiring academic support for which a student could wish. During my studies, like many others, I faced challenges from the pandemic. Despite this, the tutors could not have been more supportive; they were here for me for both academic and personal problems faced; I always knew the tutor team were at hand when needed. 
During the three years, I was more than just a number in a class full of students. I truly felt that I could come to the tutors with any issues I had and could equally share my accomplishments with them. From my experiences, the BA Education tutor team want you to succeed... 
Whatever your aspirations are, they are there to offer advice, support and just a chat with a cuppa if that’s what you need!"
Ben Scott, BA (hons) Education graduate
Graduate Ben Scott is now working as a Young Persons Practitioner with Action for Children whilst studying part-time for an MSc Psychology to progress a career in Educational Psychology.

Emily Bartlett

"If you want a push in the right direction towards your dream career, or if you’re unsure on what you want to do in the Education world, the BA Education course is for you!”
“The BA Education course has been the best three years of my life. I have always dreamt of becoming a primary school teacher and because of the amazing lecturers and fellow student’s I have met along the way I have never felt so confident going into my PGCE. I chose to follow the BA route instead of the BEd, because I wanted to gain a wide range of knowledge about other aspects that go into Education and not just learning how to teach. I learnt about inclusion, working with other professionals in the field and even got to focus on a topic of my choice that I thought would be valuable in the future.  The course has helped me to become a critical thinker and has inspired me to become a change maker. I can’t wait to support young children and to make a difference in their lives."
Emily Bartlett, BA (Hons) Education graduate
Emily is currently studying for her PGCE to become a Primary School Teacher.

Supporting you all the way

We are known to be a very supportive team.

We make sure you have a Personal Tutor through each of the three years, they are your first port of call and we work hard to build good relationships with you to ease coming to talk to us – we know the importance of having a sense of belonging and connection to staff, as well as to your peers.

We also work closely with other departments that can provide specialist support, e.g. funding advice, assessment processes to diagnose different disability needs, counselling and wellbeing services, one to one meetings with our very helpful assigned Careers and Employment worker if you want to get a job whist a student, as well as when you leave the course.

Your academic development is also at the forefront of our efforts; there are times when additional tutorials can help, especially with developing writing styles, working with research chapters and papers, and preparing and structuring your work. Many of our more advanced students (third years and post graduates) work as mentors in the very friendly Writing Café.

We make sure you meet some of the people working there and, again, feel confident to build good relationships with them.

There is also the Student Hub – the heart of student help and information, with a one stop shop so you can access any of the support services you need. 

If you are ever in doubt, tutors on the programme can help you access the Hub and get to see the right people.